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Behaviour: The Lost Modules

Behaviour: The Lost Modules

October 2023 | 216 pages | Corwin UK
Oh hey! Thank you for being here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jen Foster and I am an educator.

A few years ago, I started an Instagram account dedicated to teaching. I started by just sharing everything and anything and loving having a community of keen beans like me. But it didn't take me long to spot something quite odd. Scrolling through thousands of teachers' experiences around the world there were two things that stood out like a sore thumb: Behaviour was this huge obstacle in teaching;The guidance around behaviour was either inconsistent, vague or unhelpful.

So, I decided to learn everything I could about behaviour. I explored outside the education shelves and bought way too many books about neuroscience, positive psychology, business, and parenting. The more I learnt, the more I reflected on my own practice and my own experiences in schools. I asked educators in my community their opinions on behaviour, and this is what I found out:
93% felt that they had inadequate behaviour training as a trainee teacher
88% feel they have inadequate behaviour training as a qualified teacher

So, isn't it about time we shined a spotlight on behaviour?

Behaviour: The lost Modules is the book you wish you had read before stepping into a classroom. The book you wish had been required reading on your university reading list. A book that is practical, easy to read and tells you what you need to know about behaviour in primary schools. A book by a teacher for teachers, drawing on common sense, personal experiences and current research.


1. What is behaviour?
2. Behaviour and language
3. Behaviour and connection
4. Behaviour and emotions
5. Behaviour and the classroom
6. Behaviour and rewards
7. Behaviour and learning
8. Behaviour and classroom management
9. Behaviour and consequence
10. Behaviour and trauma
11. Behaviour and bias
12. Behaviour and restorative practice
13. Behaviour and neurodiversity
14. Behaviour and you
15. Behaviour: The discovered modules

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