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Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
Domestic Violence in India

First Edition

May 2004 | 234 pages | SAGE India
This powerful book deals with the complex problem of domestic violence in India. Based on the narratives of 17 women from diverse socioeconomic and caste backgrounds, the author locates the problem in the larger societal context and analyzes a range of physical, psychological, non-physical, social and cultural aspects of the abuse of women.

Shirin Kudchedkar
Rinki Bhattacharya
Anwesha Arya
The Disempowered Goddess

Sobha Venkatesh Ghosh
Contextualizing Domestic Violence
Family, Community, State

Rinki Bhattacharya
The Narratives
Kalindi Muzumdar
Police Attitude and Women
Rinki Bhattacharya
Roadmap for Support
Chhaya Dey

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