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Beyond Relocation

Beyond Relocation
The Imperative of Sustainable Resettlement

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Renu Modi - Director, Centre for African Studies, University of Mumbai

August 2009 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This collection addresses critical issues of development-induced displacement and resettlement by offering empirical evidence from various countries, mainly in Asia and Africa. By presenting a comparative approach, it helps the reader understand and theorise about the nature and characteristics of forced displacement in several countries across the globe. It also studies the interaction among an array of actors; in particular, policy-makers, development agencies, project-affected persons, researchers and NGOs in resistance movements. Most significantly, the study offers measures to reverse and reconstruct impoverishment caused by displacement in a holistic way through benefit-sharing mechanisms which can lead to sustainable resettlement and rehabilitation.

Beyond Relocation: the Imperative of Sustainable Resettlement emphasizes the need for reforming laws and policies dealing with displacement and resettlement in the Indian as well as the global context. It analyses thee issues of risks, impoverishment, entitlements and survival strategies of those displaced.

This volume will be of immense value to project planners, funders and implementing agencies in view of the fact that development planners are faced with a daunting task in the process of constructing/improving the existing network of roads, railways and airport facilities which run through existent human settlements and require the acquisition of large tracts of land, leading to involuntary displacement. The essays will also be helpful for researchers engaged in the field of development and displacement studies.

Introduction: Displacement and Resettlement - The Global and the Local Context
Michael M Cernea
The Benefit-Sharing Principle in Resettlement
Priyanca Mathur Velath
Development and Displacement: Rights-based Theoretical Analysis
Chris de Wet
Contested Space or Common Ground? Perspectives on Displacement and Resettlement Debate in India
Walter Fernandes
India's Half-Century Search for a Resettlement Policy and the Right to Livelihood
Manthan Adhyayan Kendra
The First Development-Caused Displacements in India: The Forgotten People of Bhakra Nangal
Renu Modi
Reconstructing Livelihoods? Observations from Resettlement Sites in Gujarat
Anthony Dias
Eminent Domain, Displacement and Impoverishment
R N Sharma
Displacement for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Real Estate Business
Gita Bharali
Tribals' Rise Against Displacement in North- Eastern India
Latha Ravindran and Babita Mahapatra
Gender Issues in Displacement: A Study of Irrigation Projects in Southern Orissa
Kai Schmidt-Soltau
Central Africa: Sustainability at Stake in Africa's Parks: The Flaws of Displacement-based Conservation Strategies
Yntiso D Gebre
Ethiopia: Back from Tractors to Animal Power? Resettlement, Foreign Aid and Change in Metekel
Bennett Siamwiinde Siamwiza
Zambia: When Community Resources are Expropriated: Loss of Commons in the Gwembe Valley (1958 -2004)
Hafiza Khatun
Bangladesh: Displacement and Poverty: Measures for Restoring Meagre Livelihoods
Seema Shekhawat
Pakistan: The Paradox of Irrigation Benefits and Lost Livelihoods: The Mangla Dam
Florence Padovani
China: The Three Gorges Project and the Experiences of Resettlees in Shanghai
Armelle Faure
France: Displacements along the Rivers of France: Affected People Looking Back

Beyond Relocation, an extremely informative volume edited by Renu Modi…exposes the extent to which the displaced are denied their due in democratic India.

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ISBN: 9788132100874

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