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Black in School: The Black Teacher's Guide for Surviving the Classroom

Black in School: The Black Teacher's Guide for Surviving the Classroom

November 2024 | 224 pages | Corwin UK

This is a thought-provoking and insightful guide for Black teachers at all levels, and allies within the education system. With contributions from Black education professionals, from classroom teachers to school leaders, it offers smart guidance for daily life in schools and on boosting your teaching career, combined with challenging insight into the experiences of Black teachers in the UK.

Understand how to survive and thrive in an education system that lacks diversity at all staff levels, especially so in leadership positions.

Explore contentious issues that directly affect Black teachers and the children they teach, including: 

  • Why are there so few Black male teachers? 
  • What drives drop-out rates among Black teachers? 
  • Why do Black teachers get stereotyped and fetishized? 
  • How can you use networking and professional learning to move your teaching career forward?

Chapter 1 Education Experiences
Chapter 2 Why We Need More Black Teachers
Chapter 3 Varied Routes into Teaching
Chapter 4 Roles Outside of the Classroom
Chapter 5 Black Men in Education
Chapter 6 Black Women in Education
Chapter 7 Effective Networking
Chapter 8 Reading Matters
Chapter 9 The Itch
Chapter 10 Running Away or Moving On
Chapter 11 To BAME or not to BAME
Chapter 12 Bouncer or Fetish
Chapter 13 Black Leaders
Chapter 14 Why We Need the Arts

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