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Blind Men and the Elephant

Blind Men and the Elephant
Demystifying the Global IT Services Industry

First Edition

July 2007 | 336 pages | SAGE India
In just a few decades since its birth, the global IT industry has grown to a trillion dollars. It continues to transform society and business, as perhaps no other industry, yet remains one of the least understood industries in the world. Behind the facade of geekiness and technophobia lies a set of organisations routinely given the power to fundamentally reshape many facets of our lives, and in the process create lucrative sources of financial rewards for those investing in it.

This book explains what consultants and IT Services firms do. It examines the industry’s surprisingly captivating history, and in doing so, explains why the industry does things the way it does and what motivates the different players within it. The book tries to answer some basic questions like:

- Why do those fundamentally affected by this industry have such little idea about how it has managed to have such a hard-hitting impact globally?
- How has this industry managed to reach the unique status it enjoys around the world today, with literally millions from all corners of the world aspiring to enter it?
- What is it about this industry that has caused it to evolve so differently as compared to other fields?
- Perhaps most importantly, where could it, and the rest of us, go next?

The Paradox of the IT Industry
Aspects of Today's IT Industry
What IT Service Companies Do
Realities and Perceptions
Early Business Computing
A Potted History of IT Services
Succeeding Today
New Influences and Challengers
How to Predict the Future
Four 'See-able' Futures

`The book is easy to read, entertaining and informative. A useful, easy to read book, for people looking to move from working in the IT Services industry to working on the industry. As your role moves from providing the service to managing those that provide the service, this book challenges you think about where you want to guide those teams to' - Maria DiGregorio, General Manager, Telstra Corporation Limited

`The subject is very interesting and you use some great examples to illustrate your points' - Morgan Hurwitz, Global IT Manager, Shell International

`A one-of-a-kind book that demystifies a 'common' industry for just about anyone in, outside or influenced by IT. An IT encyclopedia that is a must-have at least for its sheer wealth of trivia. For those people that feel they have lost time by being away from the industry on a sabbatical of any sort, this book can be the key to making a strong and confident comeback' - Nivedita Chandrasekhar, Application and Architecture Developer, Credit Suisse Readership

Was Rahman and Priya Kurien, try to piece together all the slices of the "least understood industry" in their book Blind Men and the Elephant....Refuting Thomas Friedman's theory of a "flat world", they insist, "the last set of people who thought the world was flat thought Columbus was a fool".

The Financial Express

Blind Men and the Elephant is the ideal handbook for the average IT professional, and a collectable for those outside the industry.


Blind Men and the Elephant takes seriously the job of "demystifying the global IT services industry". The authors themselves IT and management professionals, promise to provide a "non-technical and jargon-free view of the IT services industry" and they deliver.

The Telegraph

Highly relevant read, especially because the book is boldly irreverent of the industry.

Business Line

A first step in understanding IT services.

Economic Times

The merit of this highly reflective book lies in its focus on the weaknesses of a phenomenon that has rewritten the modern way of life. The authors’ insistence that the IT industry should wasteless and think more debunks the myth of its unstoppable “ rise and rise”.

Asia Times

The authors] write with authority, backed by deep personal knowledge, about the global IT services industry, tearing away some of the veils of misconception and adding layers of new understanding. The title, which recalls the fable of the six blind men stumbling upon an elephant and coming to vastly different conclusions, is apt… The emergence of India as a formidable outsourcing destination is traced – but the book, unlike so many on this subject in recent years, takes a more international view of the industry…. Most usefully, the book suggests how potential players could do a bit of second guessing, anticipating future trends and challenges, before they overwhelm them… Blind Men and the Elephant is an easy, refreshingly jargon-free read, and unlike those Six Men of Indostan in the John Saxe poem, the reader can expect to achieve useful understanding of this important subject without any preliminary groping.

The Hindu