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Repeated Measures

November 1991 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

By focusing on situations in which analysis of variance (ANOVA) involves the repeated measurement of separate groups of individuals, Girden reveals the advantages, disadvantages, and counterbalancing issues of repeated measures situations. Using additive and nonadditive models to guide the analysis in each chapter, the book covers such topics as the rationale for partitioning the sums of squares, detailed analyses to facilitate the interpretation of computer printouts, the rationale for the F ratios in terms of expected means squares, validity assumptions for sphericity or circularity, and approximate tests to perform when sphericity is not met. In addition, the text includes the latest work on data with missing values and the use of quasi-F ratios when one or more independent variables is of the random effects type.

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Repeated Measures Situations
Single Factor Studies
Two Factor Studies with Repeated Measures on Both Factors
Two Factor Study with Repeated Measures on One Factor
Three Factor Studies

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ISBN: 9780803942578

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