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Artistically and Musically Talented Students

Artistically and Musically Talented Students

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March 2004 | 184 pages | Corwin

The expert guide to the identification and support of artistically and musically talented students!

Is artistic talent a matter of nature or nurture? What are the best methods for identifying potential in the arts? How can educators and parents encourage and support artistic development? From identification to the empowerment of teachers of talented arts students, the readings within Artistically and Musically Talented Students offer the best practices the leaders in the field have to offer.

Key features include:

  • A practical look at the needs of artistically and musically talented students by field leader Enid Zimmerman, and her recommendations for future study
  • Methods for recognizing potential talent in dance, art, and music
  • Eight articles from the most influential researchers of giftedness and the arts

The ERGE Series:

The National Association for Gifted Children series Essential Readings in Gifted Education is a 12-volume collection of seminal articles from Gifted Child Quarterly. Put the knowledge and power of more than 25 years of research on giftedness and talent into your hands with the leading theories, studies, and findings the experts in the field have to offer.

About the Editors
Sally M. Reis
Series Introduction
Enid Zimmerman
Introduction to Artistically and Musically Talented Students
David Yun Dai, Robin M. Schader
1. Decisions Regarding Music Training: Parental Beliefs and Values
Robert J. Evans, Robert Bickel, and Edwina D. Pendarvis
2. Musical Talent: Innate or Acquired? Perceptions of Students, Parents and Teachers
Cathy Freeman
3. The Crystallizing Experience: A Study in Musical Precocity
Susan Baum, Steven V. Owen, and Barry A. Oreck
4. Talent Beyond Words: Identification of Potential Talent in Dance and Music in Elementary Students
Sandra I. Kay, Rena F. Subotnik
5. Talent Beyond Words: Unveiling Spatial, Expressive, Kinesthetic and Musical Talent in Young Children
Gilbert Clark, Enid Zimmerman
6. Identifying Artistically Talented Students in Four Rural Communities in the United States
Gilbert A. Clark, Enid Zimmerman
7. Views of Self, Family Background, and School: Interviews with Artistically Talented Students
Enid Zimmerman
8. I Don't Want to Sit in the Corner Cutting Out Valentines: Leadership Roles for Teachers of Talented Arts Students

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