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Becoming a Reflective Educator

Becoming a Reflective Educator
How to Build a Culture of Inquiry in the Schools

Second Edition

January 2000 | 184 pages | Corwin

New content, new case studies, new insights for today's challenges!

This seminal work on reflective practice has been updated to help teachers become creative and innovative "agents of inquiry" in their schools and classrooms. This second edition reflects changes in American public education and society. Expanded content includes:

  • Leadership and the role of teacher education
  • Democratic schooling and transformative and constructivist curricula
  • Case studies illustrating how to create a culture of inquiry

With new data and insights integrated throughout the book, it continues to be a valuable resource for professional development professionals and school principals who want to encourage reflective practice among teachers.


Reflection, Reflective Practice and the Teacher
Toward a 'Culture of Inquiry' in the School
Values, Ethics and Reflective Teaching
Democratic Schooling, Critical Pedagogy and Reflective Practice
The Nexus of School and Community

Transformative and Constructivist Curricula and Instruction
Transformational Leadership in the School
The Teacher as Leader

Preparing Reflective Educators
The Role of Teacher Education

Toward Reflective Practice

For instructors

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