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The Best of Corwin: Educational Technology for School Leaders

The Best of Corwin: Educational Technology for School Leaders

Edited by:

October 2011 | 240 pages | Corwin

The 21st century is here—are you ready?

The Best of Corwin series showcases key chapters from critically acclaimed Corwin publications for a powerful compilation of perspectives on important education issues and topics. This collection offers some of the most important chapters from Corwin's leadership and educational technology books and focuses on 21st century challenges, technology and learning, and cyber safety. Best-selling author Lynne Schrum's edited volume explores the following topics and more:

  • Ways to create the new educational environment today's learners need
  • How to lead change in schools
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the 21st century
  • Methods for creating a safe environment, including preventing cyberbullying
  • Assessing 21st century learning: how schools can examine progress and growth

This volume offers numerous tips, strategies, tools, and samples, including a sample Internet use contract and a sample acceptable use policy. If educators are well informed on the breadth and depth of 21st century skills and ways to approach them, they can prepare students today for life, postsecondary education, and careers.

Lynne Schrum
Lynne Schrum
About the Editor
About the Contributors
Part I. Our 21st-Century Schools
Marc Prensky
1. Partnering: A Pedagogy for the New Educational Landscape
Frank S. Kelly, Ted McCain, and Ian Jukes
2. No More Cookie-Cutter High Schools
Lynne Schrum and Barbara B. Levin
3. Strategic Leadership: Encouraging and Assessing Technology Integration
Alan November
4. Emerging Roles Within the Knowledge Community
Part II. Technology-Powered Classrooms
Jessica K. Parker
5. Understanding Youth and Digital Media
William Kist
6. "Short": Social Networking in a Low-Tech Environment
Lori Langer de Ramirez
7. Why Use Web 2.0 Tools With ELLs?
Marc Prensky
8. Assessment in the Partnership Pedagogy
Part III. Safety and Policy Matters
Aimée M. Bissonette
9. Policies, Procedures, and Contracts: Communicating Expectations to Teachers, Students, and Parents
Sameer Hinduja and Justin W. Patchin
10. Preventing Cyberbullying
Jill Joline Myers, Donna S. McCaw, and Leaunda S. Hemphill
11. Top Ten Rules That Govern School Authority Over Student Cyber Expressions

"This 'mini-encyclopedia' on technology and 21st century learning addresses technology integration, cyber law, cyber bullying, reverse mentoring, building community knowledge on technology with resources--websites, lesson plans, discussion questions. This is a great book for school leaders and parents alike."

Dolores Swineford, Principal
Walbridge Elementary, Millbury, OH
Key features
  1. Features the work of some of the leading figures in the field of educational technology and 21st century learning, including Marc Prensky, Lynne Schrum, Alan November , Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin.
  2. Explores a full range of critical issues related to leading 21st century schools, including today's learners; their need for a new educational environment, and how to lead that change in schools; 21st century high schools; 21st century curriculum , instruction, and assessment; cyber safety; and preventing and responding to cyberbullying.
  3. Offers numerous tips, strategies, tools and samples to support school leaders in their practice , including a sample Internet Use Policy, and a sample Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Provides an entire chapter on assessment of 21st century learning that examines multiple ways a school and its many participants can examine progress and growth.

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ISBN: 9781452217277