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The Challenge of Change

The Challenge of Change
Start School Improvement Now!

Second Edition
  • Michael Fullan - Michael Fullan Enterprises Inc., Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada

April 2009 | 256 pages | Corwin

Leadership Solutions

"The 'challenge of change' is everyone's favorite phrase these days. And for good reason. Never has the need been greater in education for reform that results in both individual and societal benefits."
—From the Introduction

A cohesive, multi-level approach for sustainable educational reform!

With practical insights and critical analysis, this completely revised edition of The Challenge of School Change sheds new light on the widely discussed topic of school change and analyzes the concept of tri-level reform—school, district, and state/national levels working together to build and strengthen capacity to achieve meaningful change.

Editor Michael Fullan and fellow contributors explore the theories as well as leadership and implementation strategies behind educational reform and address the concerns that have led to the current school change movement. Designed for principals, superintendents, and school board members, this collection

  • Features notable experts, including Richard Elmore, Andy Hargreaves, Elizabeth City, Pedro A. Noguera, Carmel Crévola, Jim Knight, and Ken Leithwood
  • Provides practical implementation examples for tri-level reform
  • Looks at the essential role that hope and emotion play in the change process

Confronting a complex issue with clarity and thoughtfulness, this collection shows educators that successful change efforts are possible in any school environment!

About the Authors
Part I. Change Forces
Michael Fullan
1. Introduction
Michael Fullan, Claudia Cuttress, Ann Kilcher
2. 8 Forces for Leaders of Change
Richard F. Elmore, Elizabeth A. City
3. The Road to School Improvement
Andy Hargreaves, Dennis Shirley
4. The Fourth Way of Change
Pedro A. Noguera
5. Special Topic/Transforming High Schools
Part II. Instructional Focus at the School Level
Michael Fullan
6. The Principal and Change
Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, Carmel Crevola
7. Breakthrough Components
Rick DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Bob Eaker
8. New Insights Into Professional Learning Communities at Work
Jim Knight
9. Coaches as Leaders of Change
Kenneth Leithwood, Scott Bauer, Brian Reidlinger
10. Developing and Sustaining School Principals
Part III. District Level Change
Michael Fullan, Lyn Sharratt
11. Sustaining Leadership in Complex Times
Stacey Childress, Richard Elmore, Allen Grossman, Susan Moore Johnson
12. The PELP Coherence Framework
Part IV. Large-Scale Reform
Ben Levin, Michael Fullan
13. Learning About System Renewal
Michael Barber
14. Economic Success, Civil Rights, and the Seven Challenges for Education Reform in the U.S.

"It is important that we have books that contain a blend of provocative ideas and practical strategies. This is an excellent example of such a resource. I would use this book in my course on organizational change and in my work with promoting equity and diversity in leading change in schools. ”

Suzanne L. Gilmour, Executive Director
New York State Association for Women in Administration

The textbook is relevant to my course needs. However, it is not comprehensive enough in covering all the topics in my course. Therefore, some sections will be used as recommended reading. Thank you for the copy.

Dr Ali Yildirim
Educational Sciences, Middle East Technical University
March 6, 2012

Particularly useful for those involved in, or thinking about becoming involved in leading change in educational organisations. This book is a compilation of work, edited by Fullan, and includes material on forces for leaders of change and strategies for sustaining change. There is particular reference to the High School system in the US, but the content has significance for leaders of change in other education environments too. There is also reference in the content to international change initiatives, such as that implemented under Tony Blair in the UK.
Fullan has structured the book to move from exploration of forces for change to school level focus, to district level focus, and finally to a discussion of large scale reform, specifically considering the impact of choices at a policy level, and the influences on decision-making in educational improvement. The contributors also consider what might be right for education in the 21st century - particularly interesting in the light of current economic and fiscal challenges, and a good source for promoting debate around economic value of education and what are appropriate outcomes of education.

Ms Angela Higgins
School of Education Studies, Dublin City university
August 6, 2011

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