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Christmas in Calcutta

Christmas in Calcutta
Anglo-Indian Stories and Essays

First Edition

Cultural Studies

January 2014 | 268 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Calcutta has one of the largest Anglo-Indian populations in the world. This is a community with members who occupy a wide range of socio-economic positions and who live a variety of lives that are always nuanced by their being Anglo-Indian. However, the community has been conveniently stereotyped by the media. Christmas in Calcutta goes beyond the stereotype and delves deep  in this study of the Anglo-Indian community in Calcutta. 

The book comprises life stories, memoir pieces and essays on issues of contemporary interest. It is organised into four sections: ‘Identity’ focuses on the origins, characteristics and the constitutional definition of the community; ‘Faith’, or specifically the practice of Christianity, is the subject of study in the second section; ‘Education’ points out some of the failings of the education system for the community; and the final section, ‘Community Care’, talks about Anglo-Indian care and the consolidation of their community through this care. 

By drawing on the vital lives of real individuals, the author hopes that there is a change to the lens through which these people of India are viewed.

Foreword Irwin Allan Sealy
Angeline: Typically Anglo-Indian
Essay: Culture and Identity
Irene: Questions of Identity
Dulcie: The Kindness of Strangers and an Everyday Faith
Essay: A Christian Community in Changing Times
Jane: God-given Opportunities
Peter: The Less the Education the Fewer the Opportunities
Michael Robertson: Education and the Community
Essay: Reflections on Dilemmas in Education
Philip: With Education Comes Success
Philomena Eaton: Social Service Convenor Extraordinaire
Essay: Community Care and Consolidation
Barry O’Brien: Charismatic Politician
Meryl: Life, Last Days and Care
Final Words: Reflections on Research and the Community

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