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A Compass for the Classroom

A Compass for the Classroom
How Teachers (and Students) Can Find Their Way & Keep From Getting Lost

  • Noah benShea - Noah benShea is one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet-philosophers. An international, best selling author of 22 books translated into 18 languages, Noah’s work is embraced by millions.
  • Robert C. Di Giulio - Johnson State College

November 2004 | 96 pages | Corwin

Use the compass for the classroom to find your passion and purpose!

In a sea of quick-fix reform fads and NCLB pressures, teachers are in more need than ever of a trusted tool to help navigate through the uncertain waters of professional life and beyond. This brief but powerful guide transcends the latest educational movements and political whims, providing an enduring model for reflection.

Author Noah benShea and veteran educator and author Robert DiGiulio join forces to impart a simple, relevant, and inspirational approach that leads teachers and students away from self-doubt and frustration, back into self-confidence and learning.

A Compass for the Classroom equips educators with:

  • A new model of reflection using the metaphor of a compass
  • Clear action items for applying the four new compass points of Humility, Honesty, Love, and Faith in classrooms and in life
  • Examples of the four compass points in action in classrooms
  • Easy-to-use assessment checklists for teachers and students

This powerful new model for reflection provides teachers with something to feed the spirit, and to succeed in the often selfless struggle to help students learn and thrive.

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About the Author
Part I: A Compass for the Classroom: The Concept
1. A New Compass
2. Why We Need a Compass
3. Why We Need a New Compass
4. Why We All Need a New Compass
5. Instructions for People Who Don't Do Instructions
6. How the New Compass Works
7. The New Compass: Day to Day




8. May You Go From Strength to Strength
Part II: A Compass for the Classroom: The Application
9. A Compass to Guide Teachers
10. Why a Compass for the Classroom?
11. What a Compass for the Classroom Provides
12. Points of the Compass
North: Toward Humility

Guiding Statements of Humility

The Compass Point of Humility in Practice

East: Toward Honesty

Guiding Statements of Honesty

The Compass Point of Honesty in Practice

South: Toward Love

Guiding Statements of Love

The Compass Point of Love in Practice

West: Toward Faith

Guiding Statements of Faith

The Compass Point of Faith in Practice

13. Checking Your Compass: Four Checklists for Self-Assessment
Compass Assessment

Compass Checklist Instructions

North Checklist: Humility Indicators

East Checklist: Honesty Indicators

South Checklist: Love Indicators

West Checklist: Faith Indicators

14. Putting It All Together

"This book helps us find our way back to a place where loving, caring adults nurture students to be their best. The authors help us recover schools as places of honesty, integrity, and hope."

Mara Sapon-Shevin, Professor of Inclusive Education
Syracuse University
Key features
  • Successful Corwin author, successful trade author
  • One of eight Distinguished Lectures (invited) at the 2002 NAESP National Conference
  • Noah's trade book, Remember This My Children, was on of the top sellers at the 2002 NAESP National Conference.  His two Corwin books have consistently been among their bestsellers.
  • Response to his NAESP presentation was very strong, and his booksigning afterward drew a tremendous response.  Several testimonials were sent to him afterward (attached), expressing appreciation for his ability to share "inspirational and motivational thoughts" and stating that "if is not often that educators, especially principals, are told that they make a difference."
  • The Emmy - award winning View Studio has already decided to produce a DVD workshop of the material, scheduled for a shoot on July 14th.  They are currently producing an animated film benShea's Jacob the Baker, and when Noah described the new book, they asked to create a DVD of the new material as well, in workshop, Q&A format.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: A New Compass

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