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Corporate Reputation Decoded

Corporate Reputation Decoded
Building, Managing and Strategising for Corporate Excellence

First Edition
  • Asha Kaul - Professor, Communication Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Avani Desai - Director, N R Institute of Business Administration, Gujarat University

May 2014 | 322 pages | SAGE Response
Corporate Reputation Decoded is the first book of its kind that traces the journey of Indian companies in building corporate reputation (CR). The book addresses CR in the Indian context and is in response to the growing interest of companies in this area.    The book explains the process of building, maintaining and strategising for CR. It also discusses various aspects of CR—company’s stakeholders, situations demanding CR interventions, and the impact of a company’s culture, ethics and leadership on its CR. The book expounds on these using Indian cases (Tata, Infosys, HUL, Reliance, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC, among others), which enhance the understanding of CR in India as well as benchmark CR best practices in India.   The book is of major significance to CR practitioners, scholars, teachers, students and C-Suite professionals who will also find the techniques proposed in the book interesting as they can assess, evaluate, adopt and adapt strategies followed by other companies for reputation enhancement.    

An Overview of Corporate Reputation: A Hammer or a Tool?
I: Understanding Corporate Reputation
Waltzing with Stakeholders to Score on Corporate Reputation
II: Building Corporate Reputation
Redeeming Corporate Trust and Reputation: A Systemic Look at Corporate Governance and Ethics
Orchestrating the Song and Dance of Reputation: The Role of Leaders
Increasing Crescendo: Wooing Investors for Market Valuation and Visibility
Seeking Relational Rent and Hedging Risk: Building Reputation with the Government
III: Managing Corporate Reputation
Unleashing the Potential of Social Responsibility for Reputational Gain: Management of Social Impact
Choreographing the Organization-Media Tango: Managing Media Relations
Understanding the ‘Tweet. Post. Call. Comment’ Affair: Managing Reputation Through Social Media
Restoring Confidence and Re-engineering Stakeholder Frames in ‘The Eye of the Storm’: Crisis Management
IV: Strategising Corporate Reputation
‘Walk the Talk’ and ‘Talk the Walk’: Strategising Corporate Reputation

“The authors demystify the complex process of building a corporate reputation in a comprehensive yet simplistic and easily understandable framework, drawing largely upon the journey of Indian corporates. The four critical factors for strategic structuring of reputation outlined in the book, viz., economic logic; goals and objectives; values, vision and mission and environment, appear analogous to the four movements of an orchestral symphony and align the theme of the book. A must-read for every organisation and leader targeting corporate excellence.” 

N. K. Maini
Deputy Managing Director, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

“A remarkably practical, lucid and well-researched book complete with examples, framework and strategies from corporations in India for building corporate reputation, invaluable for any corporate executive concerned with the subject of building corporate reputation.”

Dr Arvind N. Agrawal
Management Board Member, President,Corporate Development and Human Resources, RPG Enterprises

“Decoding the DNA of the corporate reputation gene, more so in the Indian context, is a new path to discovery that the authors have commendably embarked upon. When corporates make larger societal value creation a core raison d’être and this commitment drives the enterprise mind, body and spirit, it can unleash a virtuous cycle of innovation and excellence for sustainable competitive advantage. Reputational assets are then a natural outcome.”

Nazeeb Arif
Vice President, Corporate Communications, ITC Ltd.

“Reputation of a corporate house cannot be built overnight. It takes years of sustained efforts to perpetually meet the expectations of various stakeholders, particularly customers, by instilling a deep-rooted culture of ethical business practices. Interestingly, like various other dimensions of a business, reputation can also be strategised, nurtured and developed for the gainful dividend. Corporate Reputation Decoded is an excellent practical handbook in this regard.”

Sudhir Vasudeva
Chairman and Managing Director, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC)

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ISBN: 9788132117742