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Count Me In! K–5

Count Me In! K–5
Including Learners With Special Needs in Mathematics Classrooms

Foreword by Karen Karp

April 2012 | 168 pages | Corwin
How to make math add up for all students

Between the pressure to meet standards and the overwhelming number of different learning needs that students have, planning lessons has become more complex. Judith Storeygard provides proven approaches to understanding the behaviors of children with special needs and effectively teaching all students.

Using research-based and field-tested methodology, this book's teaching strategies include differentiated instruction, with an emphasis on co-teaching between general educators and special educators. Included are examples from teachers who have put these techniques into practice and guidelines for reproducing their successes in your classroom. Key topics include:
  • Strategies for teaching students with autism, ADHD, and various learning disabilities
  • Ways to develop students' cognitive flexibility
  • How to help learners plan, organize and self-monitor in mathematics class
  • A new focus on mathematical strengths and learning ability rather than on deficits and labels

There are numerous resources to help teachers address literacy needs, but few address mathematics, until now. Count Me In! will bring out the full potential in all of your students—and in you as an educator.

Foreword by Karen Karp
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1. Building a Culture of Acceptance in the Inclusive Mathematics Classroom
2. Supporting Students in Expressing Mathematical Ideas
3. Helping Students Build the Capacity to Attend to and Focus on Mathematical Ideas
4. Developing Students' Cognitive Flexibility
5. Developing Strategies for Students With Memory Difficulties
6. Building Students' Abilities to Plan, Organize, and Self-Monitor in Mathematics Class
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"This book helps teachers find effective strategies to use with their special needs students. The case studies and teacher viewpoints clarify and give flavor to an all-inclusive classroom climate."

Edward Nolan, Mathematics Department Chairperson
Montgomery County PS, Rockville, MD

"This is such a valuable book. It has everything in one place—research on disability, typical behaviors, in-the-field accounts, and possible solutions to managing learning environments so all students can learn. I would have no hesitation in purchasing and recommending this book."

Jennifer Harper, 4th Grade Teacher
Cavendish Town Elementary School, Proctorsville, VT

"I have not seen any math books that focus so well on special needs kids. It addresses them and what ways a teacher can better address their special issues for math. I see this as a very useful took for special education teachers, or any educator that works with these kinds of kids specifically on math."

Debra Rose Howell, 4th-6th Grade Multiage Teacher
Monte Cristo Elementary, Granite Falls, WA

"This text enhances the resources available to build on the underlying principles and big ideas of mathematics for students with special needs. Mathematics coaches, special education teachers, and regular classroom teachers who are willing to go the extra mile make special education placements successful for their students. This text is going to be a priceless resource for them."

Roxie R. Ahlbrecht, 3rd Grade Teacher & Mathematics Teacher Leader
Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls Public Schools 49-5, SD

"This book provides teachers with a basic primer on how to use research-based and field-tested methodology to provide integrated instruction to the classroom."

Midwest Book Review, September 2012

"The strength of this book is in its excellent practical examples of how teachers can encourage a climate of sense making that includes all children."

Teaching Children Mathematics, April 2014

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