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Data! Dialogue! Decisions!

Data! Dialogue! Decisions!
The Data Difference

January 2004 | 120 pages | Corwin
The analysis of data for instructional decision making is a hallmark of the 21st century. Teachers and administrators alike need a process that links instant, consistent, and relevant data to instant, consistent, and relevant results. Data! Dialogue! Decisions! describes a simple process--selecting a piece of data, dialoging about the data, and making SMART goal decisions about how to increase student performance--that includes the critical elements for powerful school improvement: meaningful teams, managed data, and measurable goals. Using a collegial process, administrators and teachers choose their own school of class achievement data to analyze and interpret as they target "breakthrough" instructional decisions that yield rapid and quantifiable results. Results have been staggeringly successful.

What's It All About?

What's the History of Results-Driven Change?

How to Use This Book

1. The Data! Dialogue! Decisions! Process
Schmoker's Model of Results-Driven Change

Introduction to the Data! Dialogue! Decisions! Process

2. Data!
A Sign of the Times

What Kinds of Data Exist?

What Kinds of Data Are Available?

How Are Data Collected?

How Are Data Used?

3. Dialogue!
Teaming to Ask and Answer the Questions

The Four Questions in Brief

The Four Questions in Full

Action Plan


The Coaches' Meeting Revisited

4. Decisions!

Instructional Decisions

5. Troubleshooting
Data! Issues

Dialogue! Issues

Decision! Issues

General Issues

Professional Development Issues

Appendix A: Data! Dialogue! Decisions! General Format
Appendix B: State Standards in Reading Example
Appendix C: A Tale of Two City Schools: Making the Difference With Data
Appendix D: People Search

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