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Data Theory and Dimensional Analysis

Data Theory and Dimensional Analysis

  • William G. Jacoby - Michigan State University, USA, University of South Carolina, Colombia

February 1991 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
For many readers, data theory is probably unfamiliar. Data isn't usually the subject matter of theory in and of itself. However, in this volume, William Jacoby introduces a theory of data idea. It examines how real world observations are transformed into something to be analyzed that is, data. Jacoby explores some of the basic ideas of data theory, and considers their implications for research strategies in the social sciences. "Like others in the series, it is reassuringly slim. It is intended for a general social science readership and is a worthwhile read even for experienced data analysts. since it draws attention not only to often overlooked assumptions, but also to often ignored analysis possibilities." --Telephone Surveys "On the whole, this book contains a lot of useful information." --Journal of Classification

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Data Theory
Data Theory and Scaling Methods
Alternating Least Squares, Optimal Scaling

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ISBN: 9780803941786

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