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Designing for Learning

Designing for Learning
Six Elements in Constructivist Classrooms

  • George W. Gagnon - University of California, Berkeley, UK, Prairie Rainbow Company, Oakland, CA
  • Michelle Collay - California State University, East Bay, USA, Prairie Rainbow Company, Oakland, CA

December 2000 | 192 pages | Corwin
Introducing CLD – Constructivist Learning Design – a new and different way of thinking about learning and teaching. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin; this ground-breaking book realizes that, and builds on the pioneering work of Piaget and Vygotsky to offer a new approach to the constructivist classroom. Learn how to organize groups, build bridges, ask questions, arrange exhibits, and invite reflection in the creation of whole new – and successful – teaching/learning designs. A major new work for students of teaching, teachers, administrators, and parents who want to know how to apply constructivist learning theory in the classroom.

Richard A. Schmuck
About the Authors
Introduction: Constructivist Learning Design
1. Developing Situations
2. Organizing Groupings
3. Building Bridges
4. Asking Questions
5. Arranging Exhibits
6. Inviting Reflections
7. Productive Assessment: Not Just a Closing Activity
Conclusion: Teaching Learning Designs

"Intriguing ways of explaining the concept of constructivist education. Excellent analogies and examples!" 

Maryellen Towey Schultz
Assistant Professor of Education, Nebraska Wesleyan University

"Designing for Learning is an excellent resource for teachers of all grade levels, including college."

Communication Education, July 2004

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