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Eight Steps to Classroom Management Success

Eight Steps to Classroom Management Success
A Guide for Teachers of Challenging Students

April 2009 | 184 pages | Corwin

"This is a practical, ready-to-use 'cookbook' to manage typical classroom misbehaviors. Following the steps results in a win-win situation, with both the teacher and the student saving face and maintaining integrity."
—Marilyn Gonyo, President
Education Assessment Center

"Kapalka presents scenarios of difficult cases that educators often encounter. This is an easy-to-read manual for quick referencing. Keep a copy by your desk."
—Maria Barresi-Devore, Consulting Psychologist

A step-by-step approach to managing your most challenging students!

Every classroom has one or two students with more challenging behavioral issues that often require a significant amount of an educator's time. For teachers who have already tried an assortment of behavior management strategies without much success, this unique resource presents a focused, cohesive plan of eight specific interventions that are proven to work with students who are defiant, willful, and have limited self-control.

This step-by-step plan, based on separate empirical studies that verified how every step contributes to overall behavior improvement, provides solutions to specific problems that teachers commonly experience. Deliberately sequenced and designed so that each step builds on previous interventions, the techniques include:

  • Giving simple instructions
  • Using appropriate warnings
  • Handling tantrums
  • Creating behavioral contracts
  • Managing transitions
  • Preventing disruptions
  • Improving behavior outside the classroom
  • Developing effective homework routines

Filled with detailed explanations for accurate implementation to improve the likelihood of success, 8 Steps to Classroom Management Success targets the most common behavior trouble spots and provides the most effective techniques to address each.

Foreword by Margaret Alvarez, PsyD, MSCP, MS IV
About the Author
Introduction: Why Do Students Misbehave?
Prologue: Prepare Yourself
Step 1: Give Effective Single-Action Commands
Step 2: Give Effective Warnings
Step 3: Handle Flare-Ups and Tantrums
Step 4: Construct a Behavioral Contract
Step 5: Manage Transitions
Step 6: Discourage Interruptions
Step 7: Improve Behaviors in Out-of-Class Settings
Step 8: Develop an Effective Homework Routine
Conclusion: Maximize the Improvement With Additional Techniques

“This book gives readers the tools needed to create a positive learning environment for everyone in the classroom, including themselves, thus making them more effective educators.”

Deborah D. Therriault, Teacher
Clarkston High School, MI

"Provides easy-to-follow techniques that can be incorporated into any K-12 classroom.”

Pamela L. Opel, Science Curriculum Specialist
Gulfport School District, MS

"Kapalka’s 8 steps foster academic, behavioral, and social success and provides teachers and students with a purposeful and systematic plan to meet the needs of complex and challenging behaviors. When put into practice, the 8 steps establish a climate of accountability and possibility. This book is also a great resource for intervention and referral services (I&RS) teams and for districts looking to expand their Response to Intervention (RTI) models.”

Karen C. Filkin, Inclusion Facilitator
Lakewood Public Schools, NJ

"Kapalka presents, in a very clear format, scenarios of difficult cases that educators often encounter. The book introduces a new approach that looks at both sides of the equation: educators who deliver the intervention and students who receive it. This is an easy-to-read manual that makes for quick referencing. Keep a copy by your desk.”

Maria Barresi-Devore, Consulting Psychologist

"Kapalka’s book is a comprehensive, practical approach to dealing with many of the behavioral issues a teacher will face. Kapalka not only offers time-tested and research-based information in an applicable format, he also gives some of the latest techniques that can be quickly applied to difficult behaviors within the classroom setting.”

Brett J. Novick, Elementary School Social Worker

“This is a practical, straightforward, ready-to-use 'cookbook' to manage typical classroom misbehaviors. It helps the educator understand the rationale of the behavior as well as how to deal with it. Following the steps in sequence results in a win-win situation, with both the teacher and the student saving face and maintaining integrity.”

Marilyn Gonyo, President
Education Assessment Center

"Kapalka’s book offers a focused, concise, and straightforward approach to classroom management that will be welcomed by time-starved teachers, school psychologists, and others who deal daily with classroom behavior."

Kent E. Rude, Certified School Psychologist

"The author gives helpful ways of fine tuning what teachers already practice on a daily basis. The idea that Kapalka presents—that it’s not about the teacher, but about the student—is a concept that enables teachers to become more focused on the ultimate success of their students. ”

Bessie Finger, Psychiatric Teacher Counselor
Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute, Nashville, TN

“The author has skillfully described specific techniques that benefit the teacher in managing the classroom, while emphasizing the importance of nurturing the attributes necessary for healthy growth and development in learning for challenging students.”

Danielle Monti Pfeiffer, Student Assistance Counselor
Ocean Township High School, Ridgewood, NJ
Key features
  • Each step includes a summary checklist

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