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Empowering Students to Transform Schools

Empowering Students to Transform Schools

January 1998 | 208 pages | Corwin
"More than reading this book, educators need to use the processes Goldman recommends to transform their schools. Students actually become real leaders and take enthusiastic responsibility for their own learning." Gerald Ott, Executive Director, New Iowa Schools Corporation "This very timely book captures the heart of our education should be all about - the empowerment of our students. It is a landmark book that is destined to contribute powerfully to dynamic breakthroughs in our schools." Margaret Evans, Assistant Executive Director for Student Services, National Association of Elementary School Principals "This book is a must read for anyone in the public or private sector who is seeking a whole new model that goes directly to the heart of effectively transforming America's schools." Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Santa Barbara, California Do students have an important role to play in school reform? The answer is yes, and that's the focus of this new book. Goldman and Newman want you to empower your students to become participants, not just spectators, in your school's reform efforts. They offer you strategies and skills designed to get your students working on improving their school and their education. Find out how to elicit the kind of buy-in from your students that can ease the way for positive school change. This book contains step-by-step guidelines to help you motivate all your school's stakeholders to work together successfully. Learn how to get students and educators to collaborate to * Form your school's vision for change * Build a positive schoolwide culture * Develop an effective educational decision-making team * Evaluate your school's progress toward reform * Use feedback to guide continual school improvement Use the vignettes in each chapter as models. Find out how to work productively with students on an ad hoc basis as well as in structured, long-term groups. To make your job easier, the authors have included surveys, checklists, and planning forms.

Developing Excellence through Student Leadership
Making Commitments and Sharing the Vision
Building a Schoolwide Culture for Self-Esteem
Team Building and Organization with Students
Generating Creative Success: Planning for Action
Evaluating Progress
Student Leadership in Future Learning Communities

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ISBN: 9780803965485