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Helping in the Hallways

Helping in the Hallways
Expanding Your Influence Potential

Second Edition

March 2008 | 184 pages | Corwin

"A refreshing, timely model that can assist educators in impacting the large number of students they serve."
—Becky Brannock, Professor and Coordinator of School Counseling
Pittsburgh State University

"Touches on the heart and soul of school counseling and provides innovative, practical ways to empower school personnel to become more proactive in communication and leadership."
—Jason M. McGlothlin, Associate Professor and Coordinator of School Counseling
Kent State University

Take advantage of informal encounters to encourage, motivate, and connect with students!

When school counselors venture outside the classroom or office into less formal settings, they can increase the number and effectiveness of encounters with students. Helping in the Hallways, Second Edition allows counselors to use these brief, less-structured interactions to create learning opportunities, improve student performance, and foster a positive school culture.

This revised edition references the ASCA National Model and addresses legislation such as NCLB. Expanded sections provide:

  • Specific strategies for effective encounters
  • Experiences and perspectives from teachers, students, and administrators
  • Additional self-assessment activities and practice scenarios
  • Tables and sidebars highlighting key points

Use these strategies to promote a safe, comfortable environment for learning that helps students succeed in all phases of school life.

About the Author
1. Life in the Hallways
Five-Minute Enlightening

Hallway Health

Joys, Risks, and Value

Learning Climate

Expanding Influence and Ideas
Finding Your Way in the Hallways

2. Hallway Challenges
Changing Pressures

Meeting Challenges in the Hallways

ASCA Collaborative Model

Making the Hallways Work for You

3. Evaluating Hallway Relationships
Security Spaces

Limited Time = Limited Goals

Readiness to Act

Context Assessment

Timing It Right

Location, Location, Location

Charting a Hallway Course

4. Courting Captive Clients
Environments for Change

Expanding the Hallways

Reflexes and Patience

Reacting to Readiness

5. Activating Adult Motivators



Tailoring Strategies for Teachers

Principal Investment

Appreciating Specialists

Forging Parental Partnerships

6. Steps to Hallway HELPING
Step 1: Hasten Normalization

Step 2: Evaluate Context

Step 3: Locate Common Goals

Step 4: Pragmatic Action Selection

Step 5: Initiate Multiple Connections

Step 6: Normal Adaptations

Step 7: Give Space

7. Student Development Openings
An Encouraging Word

Academic Thought Encouragers

Creative Communicators

Purposeful Words

Message Modeling

Affirmation Statements

8. Creating Adult Opportunities
Staff Supporters

Parental Partnerships

9. Daily Positive Messages
Body Talk

Big Ideas in Few Words

Final Reminders

References and Suggested Readings

"This second edition speaks directly to the reader and touches on the heart and soul of school counseling. It also provides innovative and practical ways to empower school personnel to become more proactive in communication and leadership."

Jason M. McGlothlin, Associate Professor and School Counseling Program Coordinator
Kent State University

“As an educator, I certainly wish there had been a book of this nature when I first entered the profession 27 years ago! A refreshing, timely model that can assist educators in impacting the large number of students they serve, rather than the limited few who may actually seek out their services.”

Becky Brannock, Professor and School Counseling Program Coordinator
Pittsburgh State University

"An excellent resource that guides readers through the process of learning how to touch base with students in nontraditional settings.”

Tom L. Petit, Elementary School Counselor
Ontario Local School District, Mansfield, OH

"Quite simply a book that should be a part of every school counselor’s library.”

Rebecca Powell Stanard, Professor of Counseling
University of West Georgia

"A must-read for all school counselors searching for methods to enhance the school environment and build a sense of community. This book inspires all of us to shift from 'thinking inside the box' to becoming more creative and ingenious thinkers."

Nicole R. Hill, Associate Professor and Licensed Professional Counselor
Idaho State University

"An excellent pick for education libraries, especially those catering to administrators."

The Bookwatch, June 2008
Midwest Book Review
Key features
  • Updated to reflect current climate in school counseling and the ASCA National Model
  • Loads of strategies to demonstrate hallway encounters as a critical part of the school counselor's, teacher's, and administrator's role
  • Provides examples of "brief" counseling -- a research-based and proven strategy to help students

Sample Materials & Chapters

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Chapter 2

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ISBN: 9781412956086