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How to Deal With Teachers Who Are Angry, Troubled, Exhausted, or Just Plain Confused

How to Deal With Teachers Who Are Angry, Troubled, Exhausted, or Just Plain Confused

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June 2005 | 280 pages | Corwin

Use Assertive Intervention techniques to help difficult teachers become positive and energetic professionals!

How to Deal With Teachers Who are Angry, Troubled, Exhausted, or Just Plain Confused is an indispensable handbook for educators hoping to manage, shape, and improve teacher behaviors with the ultimate goal of improving student achievement and performance. This resource offers case studies from principals who have successfully managed dysfunctional and low-performing teachers, scripts for achieving effective communication, and a culture-builder's toolkit with exercises and assessments.

In this research-based text, best-selling author Elaine McEwan introduces a new approach-Assertive Intervention-for dealing with a principal's most pressing challenge: How to manage difficult teachers effectively while empowering them as professionals. Assertive Intervention strategies show administrators, staff developers and mentors how to:

  • Confront difficult teachers with calm and confidence
  • Conduct an Assertive Intervention meeting
  • Energize and motivate teachers
  • Significantly improve interactions with troubled teachers
  • Build a positive school culture

This invaluable tool provides practical tools that can be put into practice immediately, and can be used with classroom teachers across all levels.

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A Matter of Definition

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About the Author
1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Principals: How to Deal With Difficult Teachers
Seven Habits for Dealing Positively With Difficult Teachers

Summing Up

2. How to Conduct an Assertive Intervention: Tell It Like It Is
The Critical Attributes of Assertive Intervention

The Three Stages of Assertive Intervention

How to Conduct Assertive Intervention

Summing Up

3. Strategies for Dealing With Angry, Hostile, or Just Plain Tiresome Teachers
Understanding Angry Teachers

What Works and What Doesn't?

Kinds of Angry Teachers

How to Deal With Angry Teachers

A Case Study: The Critical and Mean-Spirited Teacher

Summing Up

4. Strategies for Dealing With Teachers Who Are Temporarily Troubled, Mentally Disordered, or Are in Trouble With the Law
Characteristics of Teachers Who Are Temporarily Troubled

Characteristics of Teachers With Mental Disorders

Characteristics of Teachers Who Are in Trouble With the Law

How to Deal With Teachers Who Are Temporarily Troubled

How to Deal With Teachers Who Have Mental Disorders

How to Deal With Teachers Who Are in Trouble With the Law

Summing Up

5. Strategies for Dealing With Teachers Who Are Exhausted, Stressed, or Burned Out
A Principal's Perspective

Sources of Energy

Factors That Sap Personal Energy

Characteristics of Exhausted Teachers

How Administrators Sap Their Teachers' Energies

How to Deal With an Exhausted School

Summing Up

6.Strategies for Dealing With Teachers Who Are Confused, Marginal, or Just Plain Incompetent
Characteristics of Instructionally Challenged Teachers

How to Deal With Instructionally Challenged Teachers

Summing Up

7. Sixty Ways to Affirm, Energize, and Empower Teachers
Resource A: The Communicator's A-Z Handbook
Resource B: The Culture-Builder's Toolkit

"Easy to read, practical, full of ideas with instant utility for the practitioner in the field, grounded in reality..."

David Brom, Principal
Champlin Park High School, MN

"...the author thoroughly examines her topic, often supporting her text with checklists, assessment tools, and recipe-like how-to instructions. No reader can fail to find this material useful."

Scott Hollinger, Principal
McAuliffe Elementary School, McAllen, TX

"(For)...a new principal with eyes wide open or a seasoned principal that can relive every scenario. If they have been 'in the trenches' they can see the reality written into every page...The seven habits of attitude and action will now be posted on the back of my office door."

Carla Fry, Principal
Woodlands Elementary School, Ponca City, OK

"What a perfect tool for school principals . . . it is one of those books you will refer to again and again. [It] provides practical advice with examples of helpful scripts that can be used immediately, specifics on using assertive interventions with difficult teachers, 60 ways to inspire teachers to produce results, and case studies from experienced principals."

The School Administrator, December 2005
Ntional Conference on Education

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