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Human Drama Inc.

Human Drama Inc.
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

First Edition
  • Neeta Mohla - Managing Director, InspireOne Consultants, New Delhi

November 2015 | 188 pages | SAGE Response

Life at work can be compared to a theatre where human emotions of elation, grief, happiness, winning, losing, etc., are at play. In this setting, a few lose their nerve and careers while others thrive. Success at work is not just achieved with educational qualifications, emotional intelligence is also an equal factor. Written in an anecdotal style with real-life examples, Neeta Mohla shares the script for succeeding at work.

The book’s practical approach is based on the author’s rich experience of working with business leaders and senior executives, including the C-suite of leading organizations.


Unique features of the book:

•       Explains EI at the workplace through real-life cases and examples, rather than focusing on the concept.

•       Explores the application of EI specifically in the Indian context

•       Engaging, conversational read with drama as the central theme

•       Pull-out boxes, quotes and research 


Foreword by Abad Ahmad
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
ACT 1: Knowing the Script: Do You Understand Your Character and Role?
SCENE 1: Looking into the Mirror
SCENE 2: Recognising Your Reflection
SCENE 3: Getting in Sync with Reality
SCENE 4: Becoming Your Own Best Friend
ACT 2: Lights! Camera! Action! Are You Staying on Track?
SCENE 1: Taking a Deep Breath
SCENE 2: Looking Before You Leap
SCENE 3: Believing in Yourself
SCENE 4: Going with the Flow
SCENE 5: Navigating Daily Obstacles
ACT 3: Winning Awards: Are You Driving and Enjoying Your Success?
SCENE 1: Staying Away from the Dark Side
SCENE 2: Striving to Realise Your Potential
SCENE 3: Having a Positive Approach to Life and Enjoying Yourself
ACT 4: Cast and Crew: Are You Working in Tandem with the Team?
SCENE 1: Reaching Out and Creating Connections
SCENE 2: The Power of True Communication
ACT 5: Encore! Are You Building Strong Equations?
SCENE 1: Building Bridges, Not Walls
SCENE 2: Becoming Part of a Larger Whole
Emotional Intelligence in Action
Emotional Intelligence and Change
Emotional Intelligence and Conflict
Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service
Emotional Intelligence and Productivity
Emotional Intelligence and Performance Management
Emotional Intelligence and Inspiration

Engrossing, hard-hitting, real, yet simple in its presentation to motivate one to commit to action. Thank you. My ‘Just-In-Time Golden Guide’!

Carmistha Mitra
Ex-Director HRD, Samsung India

A fine read! In this book, Neeta has very nicely summarized her rich experience in the Indian corporate world, where the concept of emotional intelligence is still evolving.

Savita Kirpalani
Advisor Analytics, RSalesArm

“Engrossing, hard-hitting, real, yet simple in its presentation to motivate one to commit to action. Thank you. My ‘Just-In-Time Golden Guide’!”

Carmistha Mitra,
Ex-Director HRD, Samsung India

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