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If I Only Knew...

If I Only Knew...
Success Strategies for Navigating the Principalship

Foreword by Roland S. Barth


July 1998 | 224 pages | Corwin

"An encyclopedic compilation of insights on the major issues confronting school principals. Suggestions are concrete, sensible, and approachable."
From the Foreword by Roland S. Barth

Here's the essential information you need to succeed - whether you're starting your first principalship or moving to a new post. You'll find out how to sharpen your crucial problem-solving skills. Make good decisions quickly, without second-guessing yourself. Develop a proactive approach and address small concerns before they become big problems. Alvy and Robbins offer you ideas, strategies, and words of wisdom gleaned from practical experience to help you prepare for anything a school leader might encounter.

You'll learn how to

  • Manage your time to best advantage
  • Boost staff morale
  • Rally community support for your school
  • Advocate for every program, student, and teacher
  • Provide staff members with meaningful evaluation and professional guidance
  • Develop strong, healthy relationships with staff members
  • Practice purposeful visibility

Let teachers, students, and your school community see you on the campus, not just in your office. Focus on the real center of your school - the classrooms - and visit each class regularly. Make sure you ask the right questions of your staff, your students, and the community. Be observant, and do what you can to learn every day - especially from your mistakes. The authors suggest expanding your expertise by forging relationships with experts you can call on for advice. Join or start a network with other principals. Cultivate a core group you can count on for a second opinion, as a sounding-board, or for emotional support.

The authors bring considerable expertise to this book. Alvy, after serving a school principal for more than a decade, recently began a new position as principal at Singapore American School. Robbins has worked with school principals for twenty-six years, designing and delivering training for principals' academies, among other things. Who benefits from your excellence as a school leader? You, your staff, parents, and the community - but most of all, your students

Roland S. Barth
Introduction: A Veteran Principal Finds Himself or Herself New, Again
Part 1: The Challenges and Problems Facing Rookie and Veteran Principals New to Their Schools
1. Factors That Affect Rookie and Veteran Principals Changing School Settings
2. The Loneliness of the Principalship
3. The Time Juggernaut
4. Expectations of the Instructional Leader: Promoting Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Innovation
5. The Complexity of Relationships: Faculty, Students, Classified Staff, Parents, and the Community
6. Management Concerns
Part 2: Finding Solutions to the Challenges and Problems: Strategies, Advice, and Insights for Success
7. Becoming a Lifelong Learner
8. Human Relations and Authentic Communication
9. Honoring the Experienced/Veteran Staff
10. Balancing Leadership and Management
11. Expanding the Principal's Expertise: School Law, the Master Contract, and Grievance Strategies
12. Implementing a Proactive Behavioral Program
13. A Principal's Vision for Teaching and Learning
14. The Obvious Is Not Always Obvious: What School Principals Often Forget

"An encyclopedic compilation of insights on the major issues confronting school principals. Suggestions are concrete, sensible, and approachable." 

From the Foreword by Roland S. Barth

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ISBN: 9780803966444