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If the Shoe Fits . . .

If the Shoe Fits . . .
How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

Foreword by James Bellanca

June 1993 | 258 pages | Corwin
Formerly a SkyLight Publication

If the Shoe Fits . . .:
How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
translates Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory into practical methods for classroom use. This excellent resource offers teachers information and "how-to" advice for identifying and developing student strengths. The rich selection of sample lessons and ideas inspires teachers to apply these ideas in the classroom and motivates teachers to create activities of their own. As a ready-reference for classroom implemenetation, this book describes:

  • Matching the student with each intelligence
  • Using intelligences for problem solving
  • Applying multiple intelligences to meet the challenges of special students
  • Creating an environment for each intelligence
  • Applying sample lessons and activities for each intelligence

Chapter 1: If the Shoe Fits
Chapter 2: Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Say It

Lesson Example 2: The Debate Game

Lesson Example 3: The Author Game

Chapter 3: Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Mac-A-Lena

Lesson Example 2: The Sound Machine

Lesson Example 3: The Beat Goes On

Lesson Example 4: Create the Beat

Lesson Example 5: The Music of Mozart

Chapter 4: Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Connections by Shape

Lesson Example 2: Pattern Hunt

Lesson Example 3: Silver Bells With Rap

Lesson Example 4: Coin Play

Lesson Example 5: Kidney Bean, Jelly Bean

Chapter 5: Visual Spatial Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Story on a Rope

Lesson Example 2: Pictured Predictions

Lesson Example 3: Create-A-Creature

Chapter 6: Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Walk-A-Story

Lesson Example 2: Feelings in My World

Lesson Example 3: Act the Word

Lesson Example 4: Kapheim's Musical Molecules

Chapter 7: Naturalist Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Chambers of the Heart

Lesson Example 2: The Amazing Brain

Lesson Example 3: Puzzle Pieces

Chapter 8: Intrapersonal Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Me T-Shirt

Lesson Example 2: If the Shoe Fits

Lesson Example 3: Portrait a Young...

Lesson Example 4: My Strength

Chapter 9: Interpersonal Intelligence
Lesson Example 1: Make a Team

Lesson Example 2: Know Your Job

Lesson Example 3: The Dinosaur Problem

Lesson Example 4: Symbol Search

Chapter 10: Integrating Multiple Intelligences into the Curricula
Chapter 11: The Grading Dilemma

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ISBN: 9780932935649