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International Marketing

International Marketing

The first truly international marketing textbook!

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International Marketing presents an innovative, integrated approach, in which marketing concepts are explored in depth within the international context. The authors identify five key factors that impact any international marketing venture—culture, language, political/legal systems, economic systems, and technological differences—and discuss them in relation to the core marketing concepts of markets, products, pricing, distribution (place), and promotion. The book incorporates discussions of sustainability and bottom-of-the-pyramid concepts within each chapter with rich illustrations and examples from both multinational companies and smaller local concerns. Setting the path for the future direction of this course, the authors provide instructors and students with the first truly integrated international marketing textbook.
1. Introduction to International Marketing
2. Country Selection and Entry Strategies
3. Global Trade and Integration
4. Markets and Segmentation in an International Context
5. International Positioning
6. Market Research in the International Environment
7. International Product and Brand Marketing
8. International Product Standardization and Adaptation
9. International Pricing
10. International Finance and Pricing Implications
11. International Marketing Channel Management
12. International Distribution: Exporting and Retailing
13. Globally Integrated Marketing Communications
14. International Sales Promotions and Public Relations
15. International Personal Selling and Sales Management
16. International Marketing Planning, Organization and Control
Appendix: Additional Cases

“Who said that textbooks are boring? This is one of the few textbooks written for adults that is comprehensive, interesting, and ground-breaking. It is about time that BOP marketing and sustainability are found in the same global marketing textbook.”

John Hadjimarcou
The University of Texas at El Paso

“This text represents an important step forward in addressing the fundamentals and future of global marketing. This feels truly legitimate as an international marketing text, not an international business text with marketing stuff in it…. It resembles the textbook that I have wanted to adopt but have not seen on the market.”

Brent Smith
Saint Joseph’s University

The single most impressive aspect is a fresh approach! It is really nice to see the integration amongst topics… No other text that I’ve seen does this, as they all seem to rely on a much more compartmentalized approach. I love the discussion on sustainability and ‘bottom of the pyramid’, and found these sections to be generally well done and quite progressive in their discussion. I love the design of the opening pedagogy! I think the authors’ approach is one of the best I’ve seen, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Melissa Malabad
Mary Baldwin College

“This text gives me all I need for an international marketing class with all updated information/material/trends. I do not have to add any additional material to it as it has all! Both instructors and students can get all they need from this text without looking for the more supplements.”

Yun Chu
Robert Morris University

“The integration of International Marketing, instead of being a byproduct of International Business is excellent… I especially like the ‘International Incident’ boxes and ‘International Marketing in Daily Life’ features, which are very helpful for students.”

Ron Lennon
University of South Florida

“The material presents in depth exploration of numerous marketing concepts and demonstrates how they are applicable to international environments, rather than most international marketing texts which typically do not delve deep enough into marketing principles. The advantages and points of distinction of this text versus others books on this topic are the material covered is very relevant and applicable to international marketing and is extremely easy to read and digest. In addition, there are a great deal more of real-world examples in this text. Finally, the authors address multiple levels of international marketing from the top to the bottom of the pyramid and the focus on sustainability in international marketing is also very relevant and refreshing.”

John Gironda
Florida Atlantic University

“The authors’ writing style is one of the most impressive features of the text; it’s not too scholarly without, however, becoming too informal either.”

Dr. George Priovolos
Iona College

Some useful supplementary information to support International Marketing and Customers module.

Mrs Caroline jane Lowish
Faculty of Business & Law, University of Lincoln
July 29, 2016

This a very well written book. The slides are such a great help for some one, who deals with many courses. I would be using the book as my essential literature for the course.

Qeis Kamran

Mr Qeis Kamran
Economics Sciences, Hochschule Augsburg
June 18, 2015

I have found International Marketing coverage in the book very comprehensive and a good resource for my students.

Dr Fred Yamoah
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
March 6, 2015
Key features

Key Features

An illustrative diagram at the beginning of each chapter demonstrates how the five key international business factors interact with the core marketing topics explored.
Chapter-opening vignettes, chapter-ending cases, and comprehensive cases provide vivid, real-world examples from companies such as, Best Buy, Facebook, DHL, Kikkoman, Tesco, McDonalds, Nestlé, and Nintendo.
International Incidents offer thought-provoking topics for critical thinking and classroom discussion, preparing students to work in the global economy.
International Marketing in Daily Life features illustrate how marketing works on a global scale to sell everyday life products.
Sustainability, a key issue in today's marketing environment, is emphasized through discussions of sustainable business practices in products, services, and the supply chain.
Consideration of bottom-of-the-pyramid issues provide strategies for lowering the barriers to purchase for lower income consumers around the world.


A companion website at includes:

  • A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site featuring test banks, PowerPoint presentations, class activities, answers to the end-of-chapter questions, and more.
  • An open-access Student Study Site featuring web quizzes, eFlashcards, journal articles, video links, interactive maps, and more.

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