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The Knowledge Translation Toolkit

The Knowledge Translation Toolkit
Bridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Gavin Bennett - Journalist, Author and Strategic Communication Consultant
  • Nasreen Jessani - formerly at International Development Research Centre, Canada

August 2016 | 312 pages | SAGE India

The Knowledge Translation Toolkit provides a thorough overview of what knowledge translation (KT) is and how to use it most effectively to bridge the "know–do" gap between research, policy, practice, and people. It presents the theories, tools, and strategies required to encourage and enable evidence-informed decision-making.

This toolkit builds upon extensive research into the principles and skills of KT: its theory and literature, its evolution, strategies, and challenges. The book covers an array of crucial KT enablers—from context mapping to evaluative thinking—supported by practical examples, implementation guides, and references.

Drawing from the experience of specialists in relevant disciplines around the world, The Knowledge Translation Toolkit aims to enhance the capacity and motivation of researchers to use KT and to use it well.


Dr Christina Zarowsky

1: The Concept - Knowledge Translation and Management
Knowledge Translation : An Introduction

Knowledge Management

Evaluative Thinking

2: The Audience - The Context and The Contacts
Context Mapping

Bringing in the Demand: Towards the Harmony of Push and Pull

3: The Message
Communication Strategy

4: The Medium - Print, Multimedia and Social Media
Print media


Social/Popular Media

5: The Toolbox - Examples, Templates and Guides
Strategy Checklist

The Two-Pager: Writing a Policy Brief

The Conference 2.0 : Making Most of Conferences

Tapping Technology: Netiquette, Browsers, and Distribution Lists

Word Processing

Monitoring & Evaluation : Frequently Asked Questions



This book has been developed as a toolkit for knowledge translation and though dealing with serious, technical issues has a crisp presentation of contents… ready-to-use and application oriented…There is freshness in explanation of the concepts and illustrations given by the authors… there is a subtle motivational tone in the book, which encourages the researcher to feel enthusiastic in working towards bridging the know-do gap. Copious notes, references, resources and information about websites are a treasure for researchers interested in further investigation. Detailed figures, flowcharts, bulleted information in boxes provide instant understanding of complex and abstract concepts in a reader-friendly manner…. A must for all research scholars, especially at the academic university level so that the idea can be drilled into them that ivory tower ideas are no good until they make the world a better place.

The Tribune

This book is about creating better ‘communication’ – the transmission of valuable information researched at great cost and effort in a form that is meaningful to all those who might benefit from it…The book brings about a “connect” between researchers and those who needs to draw benefit from their findings…an interesting reading to know what knowledge translation (KT) is all about and how it can be used to bridge the ‘know- do’ gap between research, policy, practice and people.

Skills Ahead

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