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Latin America 2040

Latin America 2040
Breaking Away from Complacency: An Agenda for Resurgence

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • Harinder S. Kohli - Emerging Markets Forum
  • Claudio Loser - President, Centennial Group Latin America; Former Director, Western Hemisphere, International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA
  • Anil Sood - Centennial Group Holdings, Washington DC, USA

April 2013 | 324 pages | SAGE India
Latin America 2040 presents a longer term vision of Latin American society and economies, within which current policy debates and actions must be anchored. It presents a set of multigenerational issues that must be tackled urgently in order for countries in the region to sharply reduce inequities as well as raise their economic growth rates. While most Latin Americans have weathered the latest economic turmoil reasonably well, the fact is that the region has been underperforming Asia for the past thirty years. Much of Latin America is mired in the "middle income trap". This book argues that the current situation is untenable economically, socially and politically. At the same time, the authors believe that the region can and must aim higher and aspire to achieve much more rapid economic growth and a much faster reduction in disparities during the next three decades.

This book presents a bold and ambitious new vision of Latin America and offers an agenda for such a resurgence of Latin America. It presents a strategy for the regional economies to realize this vision by sharply raising their growth rates while achieving much more inclusive societies. This, in turn, will allow Latin America to reverse the trend of the past thirty years during which it steadily and significantly lost its share of the world economy and thus enter a new era of hope and prosperity.




Harinder S Kohli
Part I
Breaking away from Mediocre Complacency to a Prosperous Future

Claudio M Loser and Anil Sood
Latin America: Is Average Good Enough?

Homi Kharas and Harpaul Alberto Kohli
Successful Macroeconomic Performance: Launching Long-Term Reforms

Claudio M Loser, Drew Arnold, and Y Aaron Szyf
Part II
Is Latin America Becoming Less Unequal?

Nora Lustig
How Can Education Help Latin America Develop?

Jeffrey M. Puryear and Tamara Ortega Goodspeed
Innovation and Technology Development for Economic Restructuring

Vinod K Goel
Infrastructure Needs for a Resurgent Latin America

Harpaul Alberto Kohli
Greater Openness: Regional Cooperation and Trade

Harinder S Kohli, Claudio M Loser, and Anil Sood
Democratic Governance and Political Sustainability: Towards a Prosperous Latin America

Michael Shifter


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ISBN: 9788132111405