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Leaders on Leadership

Leaders on Leadership
Insights from Corporate India

First Edition

February 2013 | 148 pages | SAGE Response
Who can tell what it really takes to be an effective leader today?

The most successful CEOs can!

From inside the minds of top CEOs of India, here are invaluable lessons on the most significant aspects of leadership. This compilation of short personal narratives by iconic business leaders tells us how even the most accomplished leaders had to discover their leadership calling and develop their traits with conscious initiative and practice.

Most leadership literature is too formal, too didactic. Leadership, however, is not and will never be a "one-size-fits-all" concept. This book is born out of the need for learning the art of leadership from the unique examples of the most successful leaders.

With contributions from celebrated business leaders like Raghav Bahl, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Tarun Das, Adi Godrej, Chanda Kochhar, R.A. Mashelkar, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Deepak Parekh, and M.V. Subbiah, this book leads the reader to appreciate the journey of the these leaders from being undistinguished individuals to becoming celebrated corporate luminaries; to draw inspiration and learn from their struggles and achievements.


R Gopalakrishnan

Lessons from the Infosys Journey

N R Narayana Murthy
Carrying on the Leadership Tradition

M V Subbiah
The Importance of Being "You"

Adi Godrej
The Turning Points in Our Journey of Transformation

Kumar Mangalam Birla
Imprints of the Past and What it Will Take to Succeed in the Future

Deepak Parekh
The Audacity of Ambition

Raghav Bahl
Leadership A Personal Narrative

Tarun Das
Practicing Leadership in Contemporary India: A Personal Experience

Chanda Kochhar
Leading Institutions and Thought Leadership

R A Mashelkar

An excellent narrative from the leaders, includes elements of their personality, values, beliefs, the points of transformation for them and also how they practice leadership providing useful insights into the leaders world... the book is of huge relevance for all who need to develop their own practice of leadership such that it is useful for their organizations, for themselves and for the society at large.... free of technical parlance and a very good read for all those interested in leadership in India.

Global Business Review, Vol 14, Issue 3, September 2013

A significant contribution to the literature. It is a compilation of “short personal narratives by iconic business leaders of their leadership beliefs and experiences...this book is an account of leadership experiences in the real world”

The Hindu, 8 January 2014