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Leading and Supervising Instruction

Leading and Supervising Instruction

May 2006 | 160 pages | Corwin

Cultivate instructional leadership centered on student learning!

In an era in which standardized test scores and federal legislation are benchmarks for school success, other characteristics of effective schooling and learning can take a back seat. As John Daresh argues in this timely text, however, school principals can achieve these imperatives while simultaneously centralizing student learning.

Each chapter opens with a real-world scenario designed to coach principals on how to become instructional leaders who reach school goals while placing student needs in the foreground. Daresh also provides "next steps" to help principals understand what effective supervision and learning look like in action, while recognizing different and equally effective styles of instruction among a diverse teaching staff.

By demonstrating how school leaders can enhance their instructional, supervisory, evaluation, and coaching skills, this text reveals how principals can

  • Attain student-centered practice while supporting those staff members responsible for achieving a school's goal and vision
  • Bring out the best in teachers by coaching them to achieve their teaching goals
  • Rethink personal definitions of teaching, learning, and supervision
  • Develop an openness and greater understanding of different instructional styles

This text serves as an insightful and practical addition to existing supervision and instructional leadership literature by emphasizing the link between leadership and student-centered learning.

About the Author
1. Introduction: Introducing a New View of Supervision
Part I: Views About the Job
2. Understanding Approaches to Supervision
3. Defining Leadership
4. Deciphering What it Means to “Be in Charge”
5. Dealing With Conflict Effectively
Part II: Views About the People Who Make Up a School
6. Re-visiting Who Teachers Are and What They Do
7. Exploring the How and Why of Teacher Evaluation
8. Defining “Effective” Leadership Practice
9. The Purpose of Schooling

"Demonstrates how school leaders can achieve strong instructional leadership while placing student learning in the foreground."

District Administration, September 2006
Key features
  • Instructional leadership that puts students at the center
  • New and practical angle on supervision in the context of NCLB
  • Great "real-life" and scenario-driven supplementary text for courses in Educational Supervision and Instructional Leadership

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