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Leading Futures

Leading Futures
Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership

First Edition
Edited by:

November 2015 | 284 pages | SAGE India

A first-of-its-kind book on educational leadership with a global perspective

This book offers multiple perspectives on educational leadership from the viewpoint of scholars, policymakers and practitioners. It considers leadership in context and highlights the importance of cultural influences in shaping and forming leadership practices.

It is primarily concerned with ‘leading futures’ and the challenges faced by leading schools and school systems in an era of fast-paced technological change. It looks at leadership practices across four different levels (system, professional, leader and learner) and explores the connections therein. The book argues that these four levels are often viewed and described independently but in reality they are inherently interconnected and integrally related.

 In short, this book takes a multilevel, multicultural and multicontextual look at contemporary educational–leadership practice. Through this comparative lens, it presents new ideas, knowledge and insights that would be relevant and ultimately useful to educational leaders around the globe.

Alma Harris and Michelle Jones
International Comparisons: Critique, Culture and Context
Leading Futures: System Transformation
Yong Zhao
Who’s Afraid of PISA: The Fallacy of International Assessments of System Performance
Janet H. Chrispeels
Economic Development and Competitiveness: A Primary Driver of School Reform Policy in the USA
Isak Froumin and Anatoly Kasprzhak
Innovative Schools and Their Role in the Education Policy Cycle in Russia
Paula Kwan
School Leadership Development in Hong Kong: Taking a Retrospective and Prospective View on Policy and Practice
Anthony Mackay and Albert Bertani
Movers and Shapers: Reframing System Leadership for the 21st Century
Carol Campbell
Leading System-wide Educational Improvement in Ontario
Leading Futures: Leading Professional Learning
Nicholas Sun-keung Pang and Zoe Lai-mei Leung
Exploring the Practice of Professional Learning Communities: Case of Hong Kong Primary Schools
Corinne Jacqueline Perera, Donnie Adams and Vasu Muniandy
Principal Preparation and Professional Development in Malaysia: Exploring Key Influences and Current Practice
Louisa Rennie
Designing and Developing Australian Principal Certification: With the Profession, for the Profession
Christopher Chapman
Networking for Educational Equity: Rethinking Improvement Within, Between and Beyond Schools
Serge Kosaretsky, Irina Grunicheva, Marina Pinskaya, Alma Harris and Michelle Jones
Leading Professional Learning to Improve Schools in Challenging Circumstances in Russia
Pak Tee Ng
Developing Leaders for Schools in Singapore
Leading Futures: Leading Learning
Karen Edge
Generation X Leaders in Global Cities: Emerging Perspectives on Recruitment, Retention and Succession Planning
James P. Spillane
Getting Beyond Our Fixation with Leaders’ Behaviours: Engaging with Leading Practice for Real
David Reynolds and Daniel Muijs
Leading Effective Pedagogy
Jill Jameson
Leading Future Pedagogies
Alma Harris and Michelle Jones
International Comparisons—Good or Misunderstood?

School leaders can play powerful roles in igniting student learning, but all too often policy-makers have advocated technical approaches to leadership development that are blind to the cultural and contextual dynamics of schools. Leading Futures provides the intellectual armamentarium for a refreshing contrast to this general pattern. Based upon an ambitious international study of school leadership practices—including those in under- investigated nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia—the authors provide a series of nuanced analysis in a single book that will catapult the whole field of educational leadership forward. This book is true tour de force that will be read and re-read many times by all of us endeavouring to keep abreast of the exciting new transformations in education around the world today.

Dennis Shirley
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Educational Change Professor, Lynch School of Education, Boston College Co-author of The Global Forth Way

Leadership is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in producing successful and widespread educational change. But leadership does not look the same in all contexts and cultures. Leading Futures brings together scholars and writers on educational leadership from around the world to remind us that more and better comparative studies are needed that look at leadership from many angles. The editors of this book are themselves leaders of change on a global scale. Like them, this book challenges all of us to rethink all the things we thought were universally true about leadership and its effectiveness. A mustread for anyone who wants to extend their understanding of leadership beyond their own domain.

Andy Hargreaves
Brennan Chair, Lynch School of Education, Boston College Adviser to the Premier and Minister of Education of Ontario Co-author of Professional Capital

While it has been readily acknowledged for some time that school leaders play a significant role in educational success, their roles and quality of leadership have become even more significant in the present context of important new demands being made on schools, teachers and pupils. Significant and ambitious reform initiatives are being launched by governments globally in response to globalization’s opportunities and challenges. Leading Futures is a very welcome contribution to studying leadership challenges in this new context. Drawing on an international study of school leadership, its careful attention to the interplay of culture and context throws up interesting insights, which will move the study and practice of school leadership forward in significant ways. An important new book that deserves wide readership and careful study.

S. Gopinathan
Adjunct Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore Founding Editor, Asia Pacific Journal of Education

This book is true tour de force that will be read and re-read many times by all of us endeavouring to keep abreast of the exciting new transformations in education around the world today. 

Dennis Shirley
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Educational Change Professor, Lynch School of Education, Boston College Co-author of The Global Forth Way

“A must read for anyone who wants to extend their understanding of leadership beyond their own domain.”

Andy Hargreaves,
Brennan Chair, Lynch School of Education, Boston College