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The Legal Foundations of Special Education

The Legal Foundations of Special Education
A Practical Guide for Every Teacher

March 2006 | 112 pages | Corwin

A concise guide to the special education laws every educator needs to know!

Federal and state laws, combined with a number of important court cases, have brought major reforms in special education. But laws, rules, and regulations are always changing. Practices that were followed yesterday may be illegal today. How can you be sure you are complying with the law?

The Legal Foundations of Special Education summarizes landmark court cases and provides an overview of the most influential laws affecting special education services, including the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), its 2004 reauthorization, and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Highlights of this helpful guide to special education law include:

  • Key vocabulary terms
  • Summaries of the court cases and laws that affect every general and special educator
  • A pretest and posttest to help readers assess their understanding of current legal terms and practices

A Practical Approach to Special Education for Every Teacher: The 13-Book Collection
This collection equips educators with practical knowledge and methods that will help them to better engage students in exploring-and meeting-their fullest potential.  

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About A Practical Approach to Special Education for Every Teacher
About the Authors
Self-Assessment I
Introduction to the Legal Foundations of Special Education
The Law Continues to Change

The Equal Protection Clause

1. Which Laws Affecting Special Education Should Every Teacher Know
A Brief History

Eight Important Laws

2. Which Court Cases Have Had the Most Impact on Special Education?
Brown v. Board of Education

The Many Issues Addressed by the Courts

Supreme Court Rulings

3. The Legal Foundations of Special Education in Perspective
Finding a Balance

4. What Have We Learned?
Key Points

Key Vocabulary

Self-Assessment II

Answer Key for Self-Assessments

On Your Own


Journals & Articles

Key features
  • Practical, accessible, research-based information and advice distilled from a highly-successful textbook
  • Numerous case studies
  • Reflection/professional development exercises
  • Resources – books, articles, organizations
  • Linked to IDEA 2004

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