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Let My Spirit Soar!

Let My Spirit Soar!
Narratives of Diverse Women in School Leadership

March 1998 | 176 pages | Corwin

Voices from the margins

This is a book about alternatives to the status quo of "might makes right" in running a school. It's a book about diversity and equity; about people changing people's lives.

Nine diverse women's personal stories about their experiences give you a different way of looking at school leadership. These women see power not as "power over" but, rather, "power through and around and in-between." These women make a real difference in the lives of their students and staff.

The women here use their power in innovative ways. And they pay close attention to education's bottom line: what's best for student learning. A common thread runs through the stories: the belief that a successful school is one in which

  • Children learn in a safe environment
  • Everyone is welcome and feels a sense of belonging
  • Learning and teaching are meaningful and productive
  • Connections with family and community are valuable parts of school lif
  • Opportunities for global learning and critical thinking are included in the curriculum

The stories in this book are personal, real, and moving. You'll recognize yourself and the people you work with in theses stories. You'll see how you can make more of a difference for your students and how to motivate your staff and colleagues to add more of "themselves" to their profession.

This diverse group of women will help guide you in creating a new type of school leadership that is both challenging and exciting. Add your voice to theirs, and change people's lives.

Flora Ida Ortiz
Thriving on Variety
The Carriers of Song, Story and Dance

Between Rivers, Dreams and Different Worlds
Yvonne's Story - A Latina, Algonquin, Italian Woman

A Tale of Balance and Wit
Margaret's Story - A Tamil Indian Woman

A Passionate Web of Living
Catherine's Story - A Cuban Woman

Capturing the Soul - Working for Fellowship
Jackie's Story - An African American Woman

I Won't Back Down
Jolie's Story - An African American Woman

The Golden Chord Which Speaks to My Soul
Opal's Story - A Chinese American Woman

I Come from Gray
Rachel's Story - A Japanese American Woman

Remaking Childhood
Sarah's Story - A European American Woman Making Alternative Choices

Being a Late Bloomer
Tina's Story - A Filipina Woman

From Story to Insight

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