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Mentoring Guidebook Level 2

Mentoring Guidebook Level 2
Exploring Teaching Strategies

Edited by:

June 2001 | 299 pages | Corwin
Formerly a SkyLight publication

This second volume in a two-part mentoring series uses the foundations presented in Mentoring Guidebook Level 1: Starting the Journey  and further explores the key skills and strategies of a successful mentoring relationship. Each skill is examined in greater detail and includes:

  • Observation and data-gathering techniques
  • Integrated lesson planning
  • Brain-compatible teaching
  • Cooperative learning
  • Performance tasks
  • Portfolios
  • The professional development process
Mentoring Guidebook Level 2: Exploring Teaching Strategies also explores the importance of establishing successful communication strategies and building effective learning communities of paraprofessionals, parents, volunteers, and teachers.

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ISBN: 9781575176079