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Mentoring Principals

Mentoring Principals
Frameworks, Agendas, Tips, and Case Stories for Mentors and Mentees

March 2005 | 168 pages | Corwin
Gain invaluable insights while learning the processes, activities, and phases of principal mentoring!

Mentoring new principals is a professional gift that leaders can give to incoming colleagues to speed them on the path to full effectiveness. This invaluable guide will help jump-start the process by providing an overview of the key components and phases of principal mentoring and adult learning.

Mentoring Principals
supplies the architecture for formal mentoring while drawing on the true case experiences of the co-authoring team of a real mentor and his mentees. Contributed wisdom and tips from expert mentors around the country expand and enrich these case studies. Intended to support the needs of mentors, mentees, and new principals, this indispensable handbook provides direction in the "art" and "how-to" of mentoring.

Five distinctive sections contained in the book are:

  • Supporting data and rationale for mentoring
  • A guide to begin your own mentor program
  • Formal mentoring agendas spanning the academic year and linked to NAESP standards for principals
  • Stories of job-embedded mentoring moments
  • Tips from leading mentors, their own stories, and lessons learned

Mentoring Principals brings to life the issues and crises that new principals are likely to encounter, while providing models for the mentor to guide, support, and encourage, but to ultimately leave decisions and responsibilities with the new principal.

D. Richard Murray
About the Authors
Part I: The Architecture of Mentoring
Part II: A Framework of Mentoring Objectives and Activities
Part III: Sample Agendas for Mentoring Breakfasts
Part IV: Job-Embedded Real Time Mentoring
Part V: Mentoring Wisdom From Experts Around the Country
Part VI Reflections on the Most Important Aspects of Mentoring

"...adaptability is one of many strengths of this book...Principals and assistant principals who read this book will find it real." 

Kathleen Sullivan Brown
American Psychological Association
Key features


  • From the past NAESP president and author of You Have to Go to School, You're the Principal: 101 Tips to Make it Better For Your Students, Your Staff, and Yourself
  • Brings collected perspectives and tips from expert principal mentors around the US
  • Provides newcomers with the next best thing to a live mentor
  • Case study includes voices and reflections of both mentor and mentees
  • Highlights crises faced by many new principals mentoring activities connect the what-to-do with how-to and why-to
  • Applies principles of adult learning to mentoring
  • Describes four phases of mentoring
  • Full lineup of meeting agendas links to academic calendar and to leadership standards
  • A must-read for principalship mentors and mentees, and new and aspiring principals

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