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Microfinance India

Microfinance India
The Social Performance Report 2013

First Edition
  • Girija Srinivasan - International Consultant, Development Finance and Rural Livelihoods

SAGE Impact

February 2014 | 180 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Microfinance India: The Social Performance Report, launched in 2011, is now an annual publication that captures the status and progress of microfinance sector in moving towards higher responsibility and social performance, alongside the growth in outreach and quantum of loans.

The Social Performance Report 2013 evaluates the prevalent responsible finance standards and tools of assessments, as well as attempts to initiate a framework for tracking composite performance, financial and social, of MFIs year on year on a set of metrics. The report presents a discourse on the status, innovative cases, and gaps, in policies and practices of MFIs, including a deeper study of human resource practices. The theme on role of investors and lenders in ensuring that social performance of MFIs continues from previous years, with an added scrutiny of the question of these institutions being responsible funders. The interplay of social performance and compliance to the existing regulatory guidelines for MFIs is analysed separately. This year’s report for the first time includes a chapter on applying the responsible finance lens on the SHG–bank linkage programme.

Foreword Radhika Agashe
Overview : Confidence returning to the sector- will credibility follow ?
Investors and lenders - demanding responsibility and also delivering?
Responsible finance standards and assessments – need for consolidation of tools and methodologies
Measuring and reporting social performance
Responsible financing practices In SHG—bank linkage programme
Regulations and responsible microfinance
Human resource practices in microfinance institutions
Unique institutions

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ISBN: 9788132117360