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Multimedia Projects in the Classroom

Multimedia Projects in the Classroom
A Guide to Development and Evaluation

February 2002 | 72 pages | Corwin

"This book provides an informative and easy-to-use guide to teachers on how to successfully integrate technology into their current curriculum even if the teachers' background in technology is limited."
Bridget Weishaar, Technology Instructor
The Latin School of Chicago
Chicago, IL

The "how-to" guide that can take you and your students to the next level of multimedia presentation!

Teachers have been working with multimedia for years—slides shows, recordings, even "chalk talks" are multimedia. But with the advent of personal computers and sophisticated graphics software, multimedia has taken on a whole new look and feel— and now two experts in education and multimedia share the step-by-step secrets on making multimedia work for you, your students, and your curriculum.

Multimedia Projects in the Classroom can help teachers understand how the multimedia development process works, and how it can be used by teachers, as well as by students working on their own projects. Subjects include

  • Integrating curriculum content into multimedia production
  • Developing multimedia projects in the classroom
  • Evaluating multimedia projects
  • Producing professional multimedia

Learn to understand the process, include it in your own work, and incorporate student-produced multimedia projects into the curriculum—all with the help of this exciting and innovative book. Addresses standards set for classroom multimedia production developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)— National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NET-S) and National Educational Technology for Teachers (NET-T).


About the Authors
1. What is Multimedia?
2. Integrating Curriculum Content Into Multimedia Production
3. Multimedia Projects in the Classroom
4. Evaluating Multimedia Projects
5. How Professional Multimedia Is Produced
Appendix: A History of Multimedia

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ISBN: 9780761978534