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A New Teacher's Guide to Best Practices

A New Teacher's Guide to Best Practices

  • Yvonne Gentzler - University of Minnesota, USA, Iowa State University, USA

April 2005 | 300 pages | Corwin

Formerly a SkyLight Publication.

Explore and adopt best-practice teaching strategies to achieve professional excellence!

New teachers begin their careers with great enthusiasm and purpose, but often face many challenges in their first years of teaching. A New Teacher's Guide to Best Practices supports new teachers with guidelines for applying best teaching practices to improve their professional effectiveness.

Organized around the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards, this reflective workbook is full of best-practice tools and strategies. Each chapter focuses on a different teaching challenge-"practical problems" that teachers face daily-and offers research-based solutions, along with teacher tips and student perspectives from across the country.

An invaluable resource for new teachers to use at their own pace, or for staff developers presenting teacher induction workshops, this richly detailed text invites new teachers to:

  • Record their present beliefs
  • Outline their aspirations
  • Define their goals and objectives
  • Set a course of action to reach those goals and objectives
  • Enter into dialogue with colleagues and mentors for continued professional growth

Through planning, self-reflection, and dialogue, new teachers can enrich their teaching experience, expand their personal and professional goals for success, and shape the way they view their practice and profession.

Introducing the Quest
1. Planning and Preparation
2. Determining the Curriculum
3. Classroom Space and Establishing the Climate
4. Classroom Management and Organizational Strategies
5. Instruction
6. Professional Roles and Responsibilities
7. Collegiality
8. Assessment, Evaluation, and Grades
9. Professional Development
10. Administrators, Parents, and the Community
Appendix: INTASC Standards, NEA Code of Ethics

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ISBN: 9781575179377