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Picture This

Picture This
Photography Activities for Early Childhood Learning

Second Edition
Edited by:

June 2009 | 248 pages | Corwin

"A direct, dynamic approach to learning for early childhood."
—Karla Bronzynski, First-Grade Teacher
Eldora-New Providence School District, IA

"A wonderful resource for using photography across all the developmental domains. This very practical and useful book supports all of its activities with sound developmental practices."
—Michelle Barnea, Early Childhood Consultant

Help young children celebrate themselves while learning through photography!

In the second edition of Picture This, the author explores the expanded photography options that are now available for enriching early childhood instruction. Children are thrilled when they see themselves in pictures, and this book shows teachers how to place them at the center of an exciting visual learning process.

Written in a user-friendly format and filled with illustrations, the book provides field-tested and developmentally appropriate photography activities across 10 subject areas, including emerging literacy, physical development, sensory exploration, social studies, math/science, and drama. Each activity offers an objective and description and can be adapted for independent exploration, one-on-one instruction, small groups, and family involvement. Three new chapters discuss:

  • Ongoing student assessment, the use of standards, and systematic documentation
  • Activities for children with special needs
  • The use of photography with toddlers

Enrich your early childhood curriculum and fully engage young children through the fascinating world of digital photography!

About the Author
1. Technology
Technology Introduction

2. Standards, Assessment, and Documentation Introduction
Professional Portfolio

Student Portfolios


Site-Visit Report

Stages of Social Play

Stages of Cognitive Play


Behavioral Snapshots

Kindergarten Readiness

PowerPoint Slide Show


Accreditation Portfolio

3. Language
Language Introduction

Lights, Camera, Action

Where's the Bear?

Photo Shoot

Picture This

Learning Lotto

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Color a Rainbow

Whose Shoes?

I'm Thinking of...

On your Mark, Get Set, Name It

4. Storytelling/Drama
Storytelling/Drama Introduction

I Am the Story

Storytime Puzzle

The Great Magnetic Me

Create a Tale

Tell Me a Tale

Block Heads

My Own Slide Show

When I Grow Up

Puppet Fun

Watch Me

5. Emerging Literacy
Emerging Literacy Introduction

Picture a Word

My Favorite Character

"Label It" Book

Picture a Project

Look at What We Did

Look at Me

Greeting Cards

Catch Me If You Can

Sample Word Cards

Personalized Shape Books

6. Social Studies
Social Studies Introduction

"Shining Stars" Book

Watch Me Grow!

Where in the World Are We?

Chef du Jour

Face the Feeling


What's in Here?

Occupation Visitation

Who's Playing?

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

7. Physical Development
Physical Development Introduction

Architects Under Construction

Look at What I Can Do

How Does It Move?

Follow the Flag

Do the Locomotion

Tactile Mats

Sorting Out the Themes

Lace a Favorite

Photo Place Mats


8. Mathematics
Mathematics Introduction

A Place for Everything

Look at My Day

The Shape of Things

Eating by Numbers

Call Me

Counting on You

Treasure Hunt

Exercise by the Day

Part of the Whole

Big, Bigger, Biggest

9. Sensory Exploration
Sensory Exploration Introduction

What's Missing?

Funny Friends

Sound Lotto

Going on a Trip

Texture Walk

Touch a Poster

Sniff a Recipe

By Nose Alone


Sweet and Sour

10. Science
Science Introduction

Weight for Me

Animal Tails

Magnetic Challenge

Healthful Snack Partners

What Grows?

How's the Weather?

The Steps of Planting

Rising to the Occasion

Magic Crystals

Science Talk

11. Toddlers and Technology
Toddlers and Technology Introduction

Picture-Object Match

Photo Lotto

Color Matching Game

Happy, Sad, Mad Posters

My First Numbers

Look What I Can Do!

Photo Name Cards

What Do You See?

My Family Poster

Room Sort

12. Children With Special Needs
Children With Special Needs Introduction

Two-Part Reading Cards

What's Next?

Picture Exchange

Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC)

What's Happening?

Individual Itineraries

Number Hunt

Self-Help Graph

Who Is Not Here Today?

Communications Book


“A direct, dynamic approach to learning for early childhood settings.”

Karla Bronzynski, First-Grade Teacher
Eldora-New Providence School District, IA

“This book is a wonderful resource for using photography across all the developmental domains. It is a very practical and useful book that supports all of its activities with sound developmental practices.”

Michelle Barnea, Early Childhood Consultant

“This book fulfills a need in the educational field for technology integration in the classroom.”

Laura Gulledge, Adjunct Instructor
Central Alabama Community College

“This book has many useful ideas and contributes to the field of education.”

Julee Loorya, Elementary School Teacher
Birney Elementary School, Redondo Beach, CA

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