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The Politics of Life in Schools

The Politics of Life in Schools
Power, Conflict, and Cooperation

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June 1991 | 288 pages | Corwin
"The effective use of power is synonymous with effective leadership and effective schools. Those who understand the politics of their schools will enhance the quality of school life." --from Chapter 9, "The Everyday Political Perspectives of

Joseph Blase
The Micropolitical Perspective
Stephen J Ball and Richard Bowe
The Micropolitics of Radical Change
Budgets, Management and Control in British Schools

Andrew Hargreaves
Contrived Collegiality
The Micropolitics of Teacher Collaboration

H Dickson Corbett
Community Influence and School Micropolitics
A Case Example

Paula Kleine-Kracht and Kenneth K Wong
When District Authority Intrudes Upon the Local School
Gary L Anderson
The Cognitive Politics of Principals and Teachers
Ideological Control in an Elementary School

Catherine Marshall
The Cultural Chasm Between Administrator and Teacher Cultures
A Micropolitical Puzzle

William D Greenfield Jr
The Micropolitics of Leadership in an Urban Elementary School
Joseph Blase
The Everyday Political Perspectives of Teachers Toward Students
The Dynamics of Diplomacy

David Bloome and Jerri Willett
Toward a Micropolitics of Classroom Interaction
Joseph Blase
Analysis and Discussion
Some Concluding Remarks


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