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Reflective Analysis of Student Work

Reflective Analysis of Student Work
Improving Teaching Through Collaboration

January 2004 | 144 pages | Corwin

"Any school wishing to maximize conditions for their staff to grow professionally from within will want to acquire, test, and incorporate the suggestions in this book."
Arthur L. Costa, Emeritus Professor of Education
California State University, Sacramento

Improve the quality of your instruction through this innovative form of professional development!

In an era of structured trainings and top-down mandates, this visionary guide offers a new approach, solidly founded on research, which empowers teachers to take charge of the learning process. It encourages a shift from isolation to collaboration, from imparting to participating, and from content-focused to process-oriented learning, in order to simultaneously boost student achievement and teacher's professional development.

Bringing the focus back to teaching students how to learn, the author promotes a process of teamwork and modeling that challenges educators to reflect on their curriculum, instruction, and assessment techniques to collaboratively work to improve them.

Highlights include:

  • Ideas on how to powerfully engage students by becoming a co-learner and facilitator in the classroom
  • Tips for analyzing student work with the help of co-workers, and how to incorporate these findings into the lesson plan cycle
  • Adaptable schedules for sessions that last one-half hour to several hours—perfect for time-strapped teachers
  • Calendar of collaborative professional development activities to last the entire school year

About the Author
1. What Are the Benefits of Analyzing Student Work
2. The Elements of Collaborative Analysis of Student Work
3. Understanding Reflective Practice
4. Forming Collaborative Learning Teams
5. Guiding Collaborative Discussions of Student Work
6. Creating Professional Development Plans
7. Designing Quality Lessons
8. Exploring Instructional Strategies
9. Analyzing Lessons as They Unfold
Resource: School Calendar of Collaborative Professional Development Activities

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