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Society, Representation and Textuality

Society, Representation and Textuality
The Critical Interface

First Edition
Edited by:

Cultural Theory

April 2013 | 318 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Society, Representations and Textuality: The Critical Interface brings together papers from various critical perspectives of Humanities and Social Sciences. The work (a) takes stock of the recent developments in critical theory and cultural studies; (b) studies the impact of these developments on the understanding of social reality and the human predicament in India; and (c) brings together scholars from North East India who are engaged in the project of understanding society and communities in their chosen intellectual practice.


The book is the first-ever attempt to establish a dialogic encounter between critical practices in Humanities and Social sciences, hitherto considered to be autonomous in their own disciplinary boundaries. Further, the volume addresses issues of identity and autonomy of a multicultural India, particularly with reference to the interface between hegemonic cultures and politically and culturally persistent smaller communities.


A significant feature of this book is its attempt to theorize and describe the myriad manifestations of the critical interface between society and literary or cultural productions.



Science and Literature: A Study of Rabindranath Tagore's Music

Partha S Ghose
Rabindranath Tagore's Philosophy of Art and Literature

Goutam Biswas
The New Comparative Literature 'To Come' as a Critique of Cosmopolitanism

Sourav Kargupta
Islam and Theodicy: A Critique of Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood's Theological Approach to Evil

Mohammad Maroof Shah
Suturing of Selves Past: The Body in Revolution

Anirban Das
Literature, Society and the Calling of Creative Public Spheres: Beyond Adaptation and Meditative Verbs of Transformations

Ananta Kumar Giri
Enugula Veeraswamy's Journal: A Study

Mohan G Ramanan
Kafka : Literature, Law and language

Franson Davis Manjali
Understanding Tribal World View: A Painter's Perspective

Sujata Miri
Reiterating Stereotypes: Assessing the Role of Women in Contemporary Jatra

Somdatta Mandal
The Reinterpretation of Historical Trauma: Three Films about Partition

M K Raghavendra
Identity and Politics in the Songs of Contemporary African American Women

Ellerine Diengdoh
Society and Literature in Northeast India: Articulating Marginality

Kailash C Baral
Transcribing Orality: A Study of Ki Jingsneng Tymmen

Esther Syiem
The Interface of Mizo Society and Literature

Margaret Ch Zama
Folklore and Folk Traditions as a Cohesive in Nepali Community in India

Utpala Ghaley Sewa
Singing The Nation: Pratima Pandey Barua, The Princess of the Lost Lores

Jyotirmoy Prodhani
The Revenant in Some Urban Legends of Shillong

Desmond L Kharmawphlang
Inter-Community Relations in Medieval Bengal As Reflected in Contemporary Bengali Vernacular Literature

Muhammad Shah Noorur Rahman



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