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STAND TALL Teacher's Manual, Grades 4–6

STAND TALL Teacher's Manual, Grades 4–6
Lessons That Teach Respect and Prevent Bullying

January 2012 | 112 pages | Corwin

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Teach respect and help students achieve their full potential

When kids are hurt or angry about name-calling, harassment, or bullying, they don’t focus on schoolwork. At what point does bad behavior create a hostile environment, require corrective action, or become a legal issue? STAND TALL is a video-based educational program that educates teachers and students in Grades 4–6 about how to respond to disrespectful behavior. This STAND TALL Teacher's Manual accompanies the DVD and helps teachers build skills that are critical for creating a positive classroom community. With seven quick chapters and four evocative video modules, the STAND TALL program results in three core competencies:

  • RESPECT for individual differences
  • DISCUSSION to further understanding
  • ACTION that transforms behavior

One module, which includes commentary from educators, legal experts, and counselors, is designed for teachers and provides guidance on using the student-oriented materials. The program also provides advice on preventing harassment, clarification of relevant laws, Department of Education guidelines, and a compendium of resources and classroom activities. STAND TALL helps teachers create a powerfully positive learning environment in which all students feel respected.

Suggested use: Order one STAND TALL Teacher's Manual & DVD to view together plus as many individual STAND TALL Teacher’s Manuals as needed to accommodate your group.

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Foreword by Jane Close Conoley
About the Author
1. How to Use STAND TALL in Your Classroom
2. Your LEGAL Responsibilities and School Policy
3. Let's Talk About RESPECT for Individual Differences
4. Let's Have a Constructive DISCUSSION
5. Let's Talk About ACTION and Options
6. STAND TALL With Your Community
7. Compendium of Additional Resources

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