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Teacher Self-Evaluation Tool Kit

Teacher Self-Evaluation Tool Kit

October 1996 | 96 pages | Corwin
Learn how to use sound self-evaluation tools to improve your teaching. Examine areas you identify, using methods you select and employing standards you define. Provides 20 examples of easy-to-use self-evaluation techniques that will help you find out more about your teaching beliefs, knowledge, practices, and effectiveness. You'll discover: * Which areas need to be evaluated * What information should be gathered * The meaning of the information for your teaching * What further action, if any, is needed Perfect for new teachers and veterans alike. Meant to be adapted, expanded, and personalized as you use it and discover your own "tools." This resource will help you improve your practice and make your teaching more effective and enjoyable

Daniel L Stufflebeam
What Is Teacher Self-Evaluation?
Why Is Self-Evaluation Important?
What Do We Know about Teacher Self-Evaluation?
Strategies and Examples for Teacher Self-Evaluation
Developing Self-Evaluation Tools
Getting Started
Resource A: Teacher Self-Evaluation
Resource B: Resources for Schoolwide Teacher Self-Evaluation Systems
Resource C: Planning Worksheet
Resource D: Guilford County Formative Teacher Evaluation Plan
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ISBN: 9780803965171