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Teachers! Prepare Your Students for the Mathematics for SAT* I

Teachers! Prepare Your Students for the Mathematics for SAT* I
Methods and Problem-Solving Strategies

April 1996 | 128 pages | Corwin
If you're a teacher or administrator who wants to give your students the best chances possible on the Math SAT, or if you're a parent of a student facing the test, here is the advantage you're looking for. Designed as a companion book to Students! Get Ready for the Mathematics for SAT I, this workbook is crammed with strategies and ideas. Show your students techniques that can make a big difference in their college chances--teach them techniques that will really boost their Math SAT I scores. This information-packed teacher's volume gives you: * An overview of the SAT I, including a description of its format, content, and the use of a calculator on the test * A selective review of the mathematics taught through elementary algebra and geometry, with particular attention to problem solving. * Less-well-known mathematics "facts" and problem-solving tools * Ways to advise students on strategies for taking the SAT I, including when and how to guess on unfamiliar items * A detailed presentation of specific problem-solving strategies Follow the step-by-step plan in this book, and you will help to signicantly increase your students' scores. Hand your students these tools and they'll be prepared to face the SAT I.

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