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The Teacher's Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide

The Teacher's Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide
77 Proven Prescriptions to Build Your Resilience

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November 2009 | 200 pages | Corwin

"With all of the pressures and stress that today's teachers face, it is nice to finally have a publication that is willing to acknowledge this stress and help us combat it. This book is full of practical tips, hints, and advice that can bring out the relaxed, effective teacher in all of us."
—Rachel Hanson, Eighth-Grade Gifted Language Arts Teacher
South Forsyth Middle School, Cumming, GA

Manage your stress levels before they start managing you!

Why do some teachers thrive under pressure while others quit? What kinds of skills can empower teachers to effectively deal with the challenges they face both in and out of school?

The Teacher's Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide shows teachers how to build resilience and emotional strength to prevent stress and/or burnout and the negative emotions that may result. Rich with examples, easy-to-understand concepts, and simple behavioral tips, this book covers how stress affects your health, how proactively boost your psychological immunity, and how to maintain your optimism and teaching effectiveness. In an easygoing and witty voice, Jack Singer presents:

  • Action plans for mastering the different types of stress in your life
  • Success stories and experiences from teachers who have conquered stress
  • Strategies and examples based on cognitive and resiliency theories used by psychologists and counselors

Don't let the challenges of the job weigh you down! This blueprint for success can help you achieve personal and professional goals, tackle daily challenges, and reignite your passion for teaching.

About the Author
Part I. Understanding the Real Causes of Your Stress
1. How Stress Can Kick the Health Out of You
Learning Objectives

Tales of a Saber-Toothed Tiger

The Incredible Mind-Body Connection

Some Stress Is Actually Good for You

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


2. How Life Events and Changes Can Impact Stress and Illness
Learning Objectives

Your Recent Life Changes Score and Its Interpretations

The Life Event Stressors Inherent in Teaching

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


3. How to Recognize the Real Culprit: Your Internal Critic
Learning Objectives

The Origins of Our Belief Systems

Our Self-Talk and Our Emotions

Expose and Dispose of Your Internal Critic

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


4. How to Thrive Despite Being Genetically Wired With Stress-Prone Personality Traits
Learning Objectives

Two Personality Types That Promote Stress

You Can Start Modifying Some of Your Type-A Behaviors Today!

You Can Start Modifying Some of Your People-Pleasing Behaviors Today!

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


5. How to Deflect Stressors: Both Carefully Planned Plus Warp-Speed Techniques
Learning Objectives

Recognize Your Thinking Patterns

The Thinking Pattern Worksheet (TPW)

A Thought-Stopping Technique

A Calming-Breathing Technique

Write-It-Down Technique

Worry-Time Technique

Make a Contrac With Yourself

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


Part II. Prescriptions for Building Your Psychological Immunity to Stress
6. How to Harness the Power Within and Inoculate Yourself Against the Impact of Inevitable Stressors
Learning Objectives

How to Begin the Inoculation Process

How to Build Resilience to Stress: The Three Cs of Stress Hardiness

How to Build a Sense of Self-Efficacy

How to Use the Power of Goal Setting to Stay Focused Despite Stress Provocations

The Power of Desire, Imagination, and Expectation

How to Use the Power of Positive Affirmations to Develop the Three Cs and Accomplish Your Goals

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


7. How Fun and Laughter Can Inoculate You: Jest for the Health of It!
Learning Objectives

The Legacy of Norman Cousins

The Legacy of My Dad, Bill Singer

What Do You Really Get Out of Laughing?

Today’s Upsets are Tomorrow’s Laughs

Lighten Up Your Classroom

Lighten Up Both Your School and Your Life

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


8. How to Become and Remain a Resilient Person
Learning Objectives

Learning to Become Optimistic

How to Bring More Joy and Happiness Into Your Life

More Behavioral Prescriptions to Build Resiliency

Action Plan for Stress Mastery


Resource A. Glossary of Acronyms
Resource B. 77 Behavioral Prescriptions to Master Stress and Build Your Resilience
Resource C. A Deep-Muscle Relaxation Technique
Resource D. Web Sites Resources on Classroom Management

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