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Thinking Inside the Block Schedule

Thinking Inside the Block Schedule
Strategies for Teaching in Extended Periods of Time

April 2000 | 224 pages | Corwin
This book is full of practical, instructional strategies to help foster high levels of student achievement in the block schedule. It contains strategies for differentiation, powerful brain-based teaching techniques, creative approaches to productively organizing extended periods of time, and proactive classroom management tips. It adds to the repertoire every teacher needs to assure no child is left behind in the teaching-learning process.

Making the Right Choices
Which Play Is Appropriate Considering the Audience, Schoolhouse and Resources?

Preproduction Considerations
Back Drop, Scenery, Ambiance
Creating the Climate

Organizing the Script
Designing the Curriculum

Writing the Script
Lesson Planning

The Opening Scene
Generating and Sustaining Attention

Developing the Plot
Selecting Instructional Strategies

The Plot Thickens
Active Learning and Deeper Understanding

Technical Staging
Using Technology to Enhance Learning

Bringing the Curtain Down
Closing the Lesson and Homework Techniques

Where Is My Place Onstage?
Planning for Differentiated Learning in the Block

Stage Management
Classroom Management Strategies

Critic's Choice
Understanding and Assessment

Taking the Show on the Road
Suggestions for Practice and Learning from the Field


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