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Training and Development

Training and Development
Theories and Applications

First Edition
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January 2019 | 348 pages | SAGE Texts

Provides a complete idea of the nuances of training and development in an organizational setting through appropriate treatment of theories and real-life cases.

Training and Development: Theories and Applications provides readers with a suitable backdrop to understand the complexities of training and development theories. It aims at making the concepts relevant and easier to understand and put them to practice in real-life situations. This comprehensive textbook has been developed after a thorough study of the syllabuses of major universities and management institutes in India, with adequate inputs from various professional bodies specializing in training and development. The book not only aims to address the requirements of students but also satisfies the needs of training and development instructors and human resource professionals.


  • Balanced discussions on theories and applications with examples from the corporate world in India and abroad.
  • Contemporary topics such as e-training, technology-based training, cross-cultural training, and organizational development and training.
  • Opening vignette in each chapter, case-lets and chapter-end comprehensive case study.
  • Rich chapter-end features including general and critical review questions and ‘Special Activity for Practitioners’, a practice-based assignment.
  • Relevant ancillary teaching material for instructors on the dedicated companion website.

Human Resource Management and Training and Development
Training and Development and Human Resource Development
Learning and Training
Personality Development through Training
Competency-based Training and Development
Training Needs Analysis
Training Policy, Plans and Resources
Designing Training Programmes
Training Methodology
E-training or E-learning Methods of Training
Training Evaluation
Training for Career Planning and Development
Training for Organizational Development
International Training and Development


The book is a valuable addition to the introductory textbooks on training and development in the organizational setting. It has a firm grounding in the Indian context, making the theoretical insights and the practical guidelines immediately relevant to the Indian reader.


Abhigyan, Vol XXXIII No.3