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Turning Points in Middle Schools

Turning Points in Middle Schools
Strategic Transitions for Educators

April 1996 | 144 pages | Corwin
Follows a fictional school (Dewey Middle School) in its transition from a traditional junior high to a middle school. A series of true-to-life stories depict the fundamental differences between the two kinds of schools, and how change comes about. The authors analyze and explore the stresses both staff and students will encounter during the complex transition process. They present a cohesive, realistic portrayal of the successes and the inevitable disappointments involved and offer tips on how to help everyone better handle these changes. You'll examine these key issues: * Developmental characteristics of early adolescents * Components of a successful middle school * Curricular and instructional practices in middle schools * Personal and group dynamics-building relationships * The change process itself Designed to be springboards to the investigation of new ideas and professional development, the reality-based stories here will help you apply research and theory to your school and show your how to accomplish your school's goals. Each story ends with a series of open-ended questions and activities that you can use to further stimulate ideas and discussion. If you're a practicing teacher, an administrator, a staff developer, or anyone interested in how schools can make a smooth transition from junior high to middle school, this book was written for you. It has the tools and tips to help you begin the process of change in your own school.

Meeting the Dewey Community
Embracing the Middle School Way
Designing the Middle School Curriculum
Teaching and Learning in Middle School
Facing Challenges from the Outside
Looking Forward

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