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What Really Works in Secondary Education

What Really Works in Secondary Education

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March 2015 | 368 pages | Corwin

Research-Based Practical Strategies for Every Teacher

Imagine you’re sitting at a table surrounded by superstars in secondary education — experienced educators who have made outstanding contributions to the field. And they’re all eager to share with you what does – and what does not - work with students today. 

What Works in Secondary Education compiles the advice of experts who not only know the theory behind certain educational practices, but have also spent time working in the secondary classroom – making this experience available to you at any time. In each user-friendly chapter, key information on a topic vital to secondary educators is boiled down and presented in a straightforward way. Whether you’re a new educator, or just seeking to build new skills, you’ll benefit from

  • Insight into a handful of innovative topics in instruction; including using technology, UDL, co-teaching, and assessment
  • Novel approaches for classroom management and strategies to engage students
  • Chapters focused on effective methods for teaching within content areas
  • Practical tips for reaching all learners; including ELLs, students with autism, and gifted students
  • Useful reproducibles and resources for every topic area

Never before has so much valuable information been presented so simply and effectively in one resource. Are you ready to focus on what works best?

Rebecca Mieliwocki
Foreword by Rebecca Mieliwocki
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Wendy W. Murawski and Kathy Scott
Section I: What Really Works in Content
Ivan Cheng
1. Making Math Meaningful
Mira Pak
2. Rewarding Reading Practices
Kathleen Dudden Rowlands
3. Teaching Writing Right
Greg Knotts and Joyce H. Burstein
4. Successful Social Studies
Stacey E. Hardin and Nanci Hanover
5. Sensible Science Strategies
Mary Wolf and Rachel Lyons
6. Awe-Inspiring Arts Instruction
Section II: What Really Works in Instruction
Lisa A. Dieker, Lauren Delisio, and Caitlyn A. Bukaty
7. Tuning in With Technology
Brittany L. Hott and Dodie Limberg
8. Perfectly Positive Behavior
Rebecca Mieliwocki
9. Classy Classroom Management
Scott Mandel
10. Cool Cooperative Learning
Tamarah M. Ashton
11. Unique Universal Design for Learning
Erin Studer and Amy Hanreddy
12. Incredible Inclusion
Wendy W. Murawski
13. Competent Co-Teaching
Brooke Blanks
14. Amazing Assessment
Section III: What Really Works With Special Populations
Claire E. Hughes
15. Great Gifted Education
Shartriya Collier
16. Engaging English Language Learners
Emily Iland
17. Addressing Autism Spectrum Disorder
Flavia Fleischer, Will Garrow, and Rachel Friedman Narr
18. Developing Deaf Education
Michelle Dean
19. Superb Social Skills Instruction
Mary Anne Prater and Nancy M. Sileo
20. Fantastic Family Collaboration

"Education is a noisy world of standardized testing and pressures to be all things to all people while seeming to please no one. Consequently, many teachers stick with what they know and teach traditionally, just as they were taught.  Even if they suspect they shouldn’t, they often feel they don’t have the tools to teach any other way. In a very readable and practical how-to book, Dr. Murawski and Ms. Scott have mined researched and do-able strategies from quality educators. They first describe the realities of teaching and learning today, tell us how kids learn now, caution us about what not to do and then tell us how to do it. They do the best thing…They give us the teaching tools that enable kids to learn."

Linda P. Hutchinson, Ed.D, Educator
Education Consultant and International Baccalaureate Educator, Yorktown, VA

"What a wonderful comprehensive tool for teachers and administrators. It is user friendly in the format in which it is presented and covers a wide range of topics that a teacher would encounter in the classroom."

Stephanie Free, Executive Director of Schools and School Improvement
San Angelo, Texas

"This book is full of information on best-practices and resources such as lesson plan templates, checklists, websites and apps that can be straightforwardly applied in a classroom. Feasible and innovative instructional strategies are presented in an organized, concise fashion. Particularly useful are the at –a-glance listings of the DO's and DON’Ts for teaching, which identifies actions that the authors frequently observed that act as obstacles for teaching success, as well as those actions that maximize the chance of secondary teachers making a positive impact on middle and high school students and the summary of different teaching approaches. The comprehensive amount of resources included ensures that the book is applicable for prospective teachers as well as practicing teachers. Both audiences will appreciate the insight and classrooms experiences shared by the expert educators. The book cites key research and includes the impact of educational trends and developments, such as the Common Core, throughout. This book would serve as a valuable text in teaching methods courses to inform prospective teachers about teaching as it covers new and contemporary as well as more teaching time-tested and concepts with clear, step-by-step explanations."

Tachelle Banks, PhD, Chairperson & Associate Professor
Cleveland State University

This book has been adopted to be in our methods course library for English education majors, and was purchased and paid for by our Race to the Top Grant (RTTT3) in January 2016 (one copy).

Dr Christina L Lyons
English Dept, Southern Illinois University
January 15, 2016

I thought it would be suitable for the first secondary ed prep course. It is not suitable, and I will not use it in the future.

Professor Linda Pincham
College Of Education, Roosevelt Univ-Chicago
April 10, 2016
Key features
  • Co-published/branded with The Center for Teaching and Learning at California State University, Northridge
  • Part of the “What Really Works” series
  • Chapters written by administrators, special educators, and school counselors on topics in secondary education
  • Meant to be a practical and user-friendly resource

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