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Brands, Consumers, Symbols and Research

Brands, Consumers, Symbols and Research
Sidney J Levy on Marketing

First Edition

August 1999 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The 54 collected works in this volume provide an opportunity for the reader to determine whether Sidney's work, individually and/or collectively, qualify as a masterpiece. For me, Sidney has created more individual pieces of his work that merit this status than any other marketing scholar I know. Collectively, the work in this volume is a masterpiece of insight into the social enterprise that is marketing. Again, I don't know anyone whose career-long program of thought is so extraordinarily rich in imagination and practical value. He challenges, provokes, excites, soothes, and supports us with one or another of his writings." —from the foreword by Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School For the first time, the writings of marketing legend Sidney J. are available in this comprehensive collection of significant scholarly essays and studies in the field of marketing. And what a compendium this is! Dennis Rook, a former student of Sidney J. Levy, has compiled the work of this prolific, internationally-recognized and award-winning writer whose ideas began to influence marketing executives in the late 1940s. His ideas continue to impact how we think about marketing's role in management, how managers develop products and brands, how they understand their consumers, and how corporate and academic researchers investigate marketplace concerns. Brands, Consumers, Symbols, and Research is an exciting and definitive volume that should have a place on the bookshelves of every marketing professional, educator, and student around the globe!

Gerald Zaltman
Dennis W Rook
Ideas of a Major Marketing Man
Stalking the Amphisbaena (1996)
The Exemplary Research (1953)
Broadening the Concept of Marketing (1969)
Cigarette Smoking and the Public Interest (1963)
What Kind of Corporate Objectives? (1966)
Beyond Marketing
The Furthering Concept (1969)

Demarketing, Yes, Demarketing (1971)
Marketing and Aesthetics (1974)
Marcology 101 or the Domain of Marketing (1976)
A Rejoinder
Toward a Broader Concept of Marketing's Role in Social Order (1979)

The Heart of Quality Service (1989)
Absolute Ethics, Relatively Speaking (1992)
The Product and the Brand (1955)
Brands, Trademarks and the Law (1981)
The Two Tiers of Marketing (1990)
Marketing Stages in Developing Nations (1991)
Defending the Dowager
Communication Strategies for Declining Main Brands (1993)

Symbols for Sale (1959)
Symbols of Substance, Source and Sorcery (1960)
Symbolism and Life Style (1963)
The Public Image of Government Agencies (1963)
Imagery and Symbolism (1973)
Myth and Meaning in Marketing (1974)
Symbols, Selves and Others (1981)
Meanings in Advertising Stimuli (1986)
Semiotician Ordinaire (1986)
Constructing Consumer Behavior
A Grand Template (1991)

The Cake Eaters (1957)
Looking at the Ladies, Lately (1960)
Phases in Changing Interpersonal Relations (1962)
Social Class and Consumer Behavior (1966)
Psychosocial Reactions to the Abundant Society (1967)
The Discretionary Society (1970)
Emotional Reactions to the Cutting of Trees (1973)
Consumer Behavior in the United States (1977)
Arts Consumers and Aesthetic Attributes (1980)
Social Division and Aesthetic Specialization
The Middle Class and Musical Events (1980)

Psychosocial Themes in Consumer Grooming Rituals (1983)
Synchrony and Diachrony in Product Perceptions (1983)
Consumer Behavior in the United States
The Avid Consumer (1987)

Effect of Recent Economic Experiences on Consumer Dreams, Goals and Behavior in the United States (1987)
Giving Voice to the Gift
The Use of Projective Techniques to Recover Lost Meanings (1993)

Cultural Harmonies and Variations (1993)
Qualitative Research (1995)
Motivation Research (1958)
Thematic Assessment of Executives (1963)
New Dimension in Consumer Analysis (1963)
Focus Groups
Mixed Blessing (1973)

Musings of a Researcher
The Human Side of Interviewing (1975)

Hunger and Work in a Civilized Tribe
Or, the Anthropology of Market Transaction (1978)

Interpreting Consumer Mythology
A Structural Approach to Consumer Behavior (1981)

Dreams, Fairy Tales, Animals and Cars (1985)
Marketing Research as a Dialogue (1988)
A Photoelicitation Technique (1991)


"If the marketing practitioner will only reflect on the insights Levy provides, he or she will see limitless opportunities to apply them to the marketing problem du jour. . ." 

Dan Chamberlin
Regent University

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ISBN: 9780761916970

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